Eyebrow Evolution

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Let’s see how much eyebrows have changed throughout history.

Can we say eyebrow evolution?!

Everyone knows that Eyebrows either make you or break you. And the perfect accessory is always beautiful eyebrows.

Above you will see pictures of eyebrows in the 1960s, 1980s, and 1990s (yes, I skipped the 70s). Now, you will see a drastic eyebrow change from the 80s and 90s and not for the better. Sorry, Gwen! Brooke Shields (obviously) had the best eyebrows.

Who makes the new eyebrows style? How does that come about? Like, is there an eyebrow lady and one day she is like, “Today beautiful eyebrows will be thin.” Then like magic, all the women in the world are trying to get thin eyebrows.

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Those eyebrows were truly uncalled for, why were thin eyebrows so popular in the earlier 2000s? That is a legit question.

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Now, presenting the “come up,” 2010s! Finally, eyebrows are looking full and luscious.

Maybe, it is normal to us because we are currently living through this era. However, it is perfection at its best.

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with thick eyebrows. Therefore, they draw them on. Now, you can also get them done using the microblade technique. Seriously, the sky is the limit.

And now you have more than a pencil to make your eyebrows look good. Thank God for evolution, right.

I am excited about strong eyebrow game, but I am disheartened by the following.

I like to call this the comma eyebrows. Simply, you draw on your eyebrows in the shape of punctuation. Why? I have no idea. I don’t understand how someone finds it attractive. It baffles me, but we all go through our phases.

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The next tragic moment I will like to present is what I call the Longhorn. Why does it look like someone purposely drew on a unibrow?! That does not make any sense, and I find it so frustrating and annoying. Why are your eyebrows fading towards the center? That is not natural.  Image result for longhorn eyebrows

I get it; not everyone has perfect eyebrows. Neither do I, but here are some tips.
1. If they look like a comma, reevaluate
2. If they are fading, continue to fill in
3. If they remind you of a longhorn…start over or use concealer.
4. Check out how youtube celebs do their eyebrows. TheGlamTwinz, Itsmyrayeraye, AlyssaForever, and there are a lot more.
5. Admire Cara Delevingne if you have naturally thick brows and make sure you tell the lady not to make them thinner.
6. If you are drawing your eyebrows on, make them look full and not faded like Rihanna’s.

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Anything is possible if you just believe!

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