Women's Empowerment

Women’s Empowerment

Hey everyone! Welcome to imterrah blog. We are talking something that we have heard a lot about these past few years. Women’s Empowerment! It is so important to empower women. Imagine going to college, graduating with your degree and getting your Masters. You apply for a job in your related field, and you have three years experience! Awesome, right? You are ready to go for your job interview you have on Monday. You did everything to prepare for your job interview, and your confidence is at a high.

The day finally comes! It is interview time; you are prepared, ready, and good to go. You know you have this job because you are completely prepared. Well, days go by after the interview. You find out you didn’t get the job. The person that (actually) got the position was a white man with no experience and not as much education as you.

Depressing, right?

**Many may think, why did you bring race into this. Well, it is statistically proven the white men are more likely to get the job over minorities (whether it is based on gender or race).**

You are beyond depressed because you knew you were better qualified. This happens to women ALL THE TIME. Overlooked for something because you are a woman.

Now, women even hate on other women. Don’t we get enough of that from men (not all men, I know)? You would think we would all stand together. Please do not get me wrong; I think we have grown so much throughout the years, with the women’s march and powerful women uplifting other women. I think it is GREAT!

As women, we should try to uplift each other and support each other. I am not saying we all have to be friends; I know that is impossible. However, we do not have to go out of our way to make the next girl feel bad. Let’s EMPOWER!

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For example, I know some women who are extremely insecure, and I could feel that vibe. I try my hardest to empower and support other women, whether it is through compliments or friendly conversation, but with that, I noticed some women are not (exactly) that same way. I’ve seen some try to degrade other women and throw them under the bus. It is kind of crazy.

It is so unfortunate that instead of supporting sometimes we do things (negatively) out of jealousy. Women judge women! It is already hard enough being a human in society dealing with the pressures of society while being sexy, conservative, strong, not too emotional, independent, powerhouses. But when your fellow ladies do not support you, empower you, it is insane! Think about it; we have men to think we are less than and not qualified, so why do we do that to each other?

Maybe you have not noticed, but we compare each other on who wore it best. Seriously?! We all (literally) have different body types, and none of us wear clothes the same way. Example: Beyonce and Miley Cyrus have different body types. Heck, Beyonce from 2003 and Beyonce from 2017 have different body types. So why are we constantly saying “Who wore it best” versus they both look great, and it looks good on numerous body types!

So why do we feel we need to compete? Well, an article from New York Times says, “There are two main theories of why women are competitive in indirectly aggressive ways. Evolutionary psychology, which uses natural selection to explain our modern behaviors, says that women need to protect themselves (read: their wombs) from physical harm, so indirect aggression keeps us safe while lowering the stock of other women. Feminist psychology chalks up this indirect aggression to internalizing the patriarchy. As Noam Shpancer writes in Psychology Today, “As women come to consider being prized by men their ultimate source of strength, worth, achievement and identity, they are compelled to battle other women for the prize.” In short: When our value is tied to the people who can impregnate us, we turn on each other.”

It actually makes sense, unfortunately.

Although, we are in competition (competition is good, and I do not think women should stop being competitive; however, I believe we should still encourage each other) that does not mean we need to start hating and degrading each other.

Although, we are in competition that does not mean we need to start hating and degrading each other. Click To Tweet


Obviously, I am a blogger, and I love social media platforms! I tend to check out successful women bloggers, to help guide me and lead me in the right direction from their websites and products. I love watching and following them for inspiration and advice. Also, I RT, like, or comment on their post to show support and I love telling others about them and their pages. Simple, things like that are easy ways for women to encourage and empower other women! Honestly, many of the bloggers that I have interacted with are amazing, supportive, and super encouraging! It is amazing. We should all be moving in that direction.

Let us all realize, yes life is a huge competition. However, we do not need to degrade others by doing so. Let’s all work on women’s empowerment. We should support each other, empower each other, and love each other.

Women are powerful. Women are the ONLY reason the world still exist. Without us, there is nothing.

Women are powerful. Women are the ONLY reason the world still exist. Click To Tweet

Below I’d love to share with you some of my favorite social media gurus!

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Let’s stay together and let’s empower each other rather than shaming each other.




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