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Yes, you read that title right. Create a 30-Day Challenge!

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I am creating my own challenge, and it is a multi-purpose challenge for me personally. I recently purchased a blog kit that has numerous courses and ebooks, so I plan on reading and/or taking a course five out of seven times a week. Also, utilize my Blog Boss Babe courses once a week. Busy but productive. Knowledge is power!

I know what you’re thinking, why am I taking courses for my challenge. Well, this is a create your own 30-day challenge, and I challenge myself to complete these tasks.

It is beyond necessary for me to improve and expand my knowledge with Social Media and Blogging, as I do want it to be my career one day. Therefore, why not take it seriously. Anytime you start a new job or want to know more about your position, you train. That is what I am doing exactly.


Another thing I am doing during the 30-day challenge is a DETOX! I am super excited. I will be doing the 30-day Teami Blends Detox, and I cannot wait for my results. The detox includes a Colon Cleanse and Skinny Tea. The Skinny tea is preferred for morning use, and it decreases your coffee cravings as well as helping boost energy and metabolism in the morning. The Colon Cleanse (that you drink every other day) is self-explanatory, it cleanses your colon. I cannot wait to share my journey with you all, and I would love for you guys to join me. Of course, I wouldn’t ask you to join if you have to pay full price! Use my PROMO CODE: TERRAH10 to get 10% of your purchase.

My challenge is literally a combination of things! However, both of my challenges are increasing my life. The courses will expand my knowledge to become a better blogger, and the detox is helping me become a healthier me.

A better me to end 2017 is exciting!


I have a challenge for you.

Start YOUR OWN 30-day challenge. Now, you don’t have to be like me and have multiple things you want to do within 30 days. You can definitely narrow everything down. If your goal is studying, fitness, healthy eating, project, etc. you can do it. It does not have to be a combination of things! Just don’t forget to tell me what you choose.

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About Terrah: I am Terrah LP and I am in my 20s trying to learn and understand the exciting yet emotional ride, called life. As a college graduate who majored in Marketing, I would love to be a Social Media Influencer! It is truly my passion. I have many thoughts and opinions, so I thought to myself...why not share? About the Blog: The blog will be all of my thoughts and opinions. Even though they are thoughts and/or opinions, they are mainly factual. (hahaha) I truly hope you all enjoy the blog!

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