3 Must-Haves for your Blog

Last week on the Blog we talked about the 3 Biggest Challenges you Struggle with as a Blogger (and How to Overcome), and if you missed it, you could find it here. Today, you will read about (my) 3 Must-Haves for your Blog. Don’t get me wrong; everyone has there own blog must-haves. However, you will find a lot of similarities with many bloggers and their must-haves for their Blog.


This post is going to be short and to the point, so continue to read on…


3 Must-Haves for your Blog



Maybe you think this is a no brainer and of course, cohesiveness with a blog is essential. However, I want to elaborate a little more when I am referring to cohesiveness on your Blog.

When someone is reading your piece of work, they should know that it is you by your layout and how you put your pieces together. No, I am not saying that everything is going to match, but I am saying that there should be some strong similarities.

For example: on my post, I always do a twitter image at the beginning of my post so that my Twitter friends can easily share my content to their Twitter newsfeed.

You want everything to flow well and make sure it easy for your audience to follow.

If you want to turn your blog into a business you want to make sure what your writing sticks out.



A VOICE is so essential! Actually, when I am writing, I tend to write the way that I speak. The funny thing is I have been this way since I was a little girl writing. Don’t get me wrong it was not too popular with my AP Teachers. I felt as if they did not want me to have a voice, but that’s not my personality.

Again, when your subscribers/followers are on your Blog and reading your post, they should KNOW it is you because your voice (style of writing) shines through the words.

I typically call my followers my friends because in my head we are virtual friends. You may find other bloggers who have their catchphrases, or for example, Erica from Coming Up Roses says, “lovelovelove.”

MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD through your writing!



Yoast SEO

I absolutely love this feature (Plug-in) and once I downloaded my life became easier (it is a plug-in on WordPress) regarding SEO on my Blog.

Let me explain why Yoast SEO helps me.

  • Readability Analysis
  • Easy to read
  • Passive/Active Voice
  • Sentence Variety
  • Paragraph length
  • Focus keyphrase
  • Outbound links
  • Internal links
  • Keyphrase length
  • Meta description length
  • Image alt attributes
  • Text length

This Plug-in helps with all of the areas above, so I highly recommend it!

must haves for your blog

So, as I promised in the before paragraphs today’s post was super short. However, I will definitely make a part two of this so you all can see what other must-haves bloggers should have on their blog (and maybe I’ll expand to IG as well).

Friends, I’ll chat with you next week!

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