biggest life goals

5 of My Biggest Life Goals

I rarely write personal things on my blog (or do I…honestly, I am not quite sure). Well, this week I decided too. I feel like you all deserve to know who I am even if it is only through a post. It’s nothing like not knowing who the author is and feeling as if you actually know her/him. I bring to you…5 of My Biggest Life Goals!

I’ve done something like this in the past, but not exactly…because today, I want to share with you 5 of My Biggest Life Goals.

Hopefully, this inspires you to think about your 5 biggest life goals and write them down or even create a vision board, so you have a constant reminder of what you are working towards and where you know you will be in the future.

Let’s begin!

biggest life goals

5 Biggest Life Goals



Is this cliche? (hahaha, either way, I am laughing while writing this, because you all are probably like that’s every girl’s goal)

I think I never knew how much I wanted to get married one day until I realize how my generation does not value it like (I feel) they should. Marriage is beautiful and to find someone who will dedicate spending the rest of their life with you is lovely.

Marriage is not easy, but that is your forever partner. One day, I plan on finding the love of my life and then BOOM, you all are going to be like I remember when Terrah wrote that as one of her biggest life goals.

Now, friends, how I plan on achieving this goal…man I don’t know. Maybe I should leave my home; there is my first step.

I actually decide to make a point to go to this coffee shop once a week to work on my blog, products, and more…and what do you know I am out the house and maybe I will meet my future Mr.

**This is actually humorous to write, but I am so serious**


This is on my biggest life goals list because my mom always told me you should have more than one way of revenue coming into your house (not including your husband or wife).

That is such a smart thing, and I agree with her completely. One should definitely have more than one way of income going into their banking account.

I think once I really get started with my journey of a second income I can definitely begin to live my best life.

More traveling. More traveling. More traveling.

Also, I will be able to pay off my student loans in a timely matter, save extra money, and be able to save towards retirement (retire early).

biggest life goals


I am always for growing my relationship with him because it can still improve. I am excited for the day my husband and I are going to church together and putting God first as a unit.

The simple things make me happy. God is one of my biggest life goals because I think it’s just a great goal to focus on. God is love 🙌🏾


I know I mentioned this before, a job is just-over-broke and I want a career.

Right now, I currently work for a fantastic company, and I plan on growing with the company as long as I can. I am really excited about it.

Although, I want to grow with the company I currently work for…I want to thrive as a blogger and help other small businesses with their online marketing success.

Basically like Chef Gordon Ramsey on Kitchen Nightmare and Jon Taffer on Bar Rescue (I love both Ramsey and Taffer), but not as mean…

Serving others and helping their dreams become a reality is something I cannot wait to do in my lifetime. That is legit one of my biggest life goals.

Since I was younger, I have always wanted to give back in some way. I honestly think that will be my way.

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Overall happiness is the key to success. If you are unhappy in certain aspects of your life it can, and will, transfer over to other areas of your life.

For example, if you are miserable at work and you hate your job that can make you sad and insecure in your personal life. Trust me; I’ve been through that.

Internal happiness and that is one of my favorite goals to have in life, and that is why it is one of my biggest life goals. I want to enjoy life (as do most people), but can you enjoy it if you are not happy?

5 of My Biggest Life Goals


If you need help creating your biggest life goals, HuffPost has a great article for you!

Ok, friends. There you have it! This was fun to share with you all! Now, it is your turn comment below some of your biggest life goals. I can’t wait to read them!XOXO,

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