5 Things to Tell yourself Daily

It is Friday! This is the perfect post to read to end your week so that you can implement them for next week’s new adventures. I wanted to share with you all ways to keep yourself motivated. I know it can be a tough struggle. Which sucks right? How is personal motivation hard? Well, we are our own worst critics, and honestly, we should be our own biggest supporters. I definitely feel at times that I am my worst enemy and well all face that internal battle with ourselves. However, it doesn’t have to be that way, and it shouldn’t be that way. So, I want to share with you all 5 Things to Tell yourself Daily! We have to make sure we stay encouraged, strong, and happy to make all of our dreams come true.

5 Things to Tell yourself Daily

5 Things to Tell yourself Daily:

1. Wake up thankful

Not every day is promised. So, wake up thanking the Lord (whoever you thank) that you were able to wake up and start your day. Give thanks and plan out your day.

I am not saying that everyone ALWAYS wakes up grateful, but how amazing would it be if we did not take it for granted. We should remember not everyone woke up today.

2. Compliment Yourself

I mean if you don’t love yourself, you cannot expect others too. Look in the mirror and say, “I know I am fine!” or even just compliment your intelligence. Recall a situation that you handled well and think about how proud you are from where you started.

Always remember to take pride in yourself and never let a day go by when you are neglecting yourself. Stay loving you! I would read a post by another blogger to help me remember what I need to tell myself daily and honestly sometimes I need to read other people’s ideas on how they stay motivated themselves to help me.

5 Things to Tell yourself Daily

3. State your goal

What do you want to get done today?

Every day is a new day, so every day you should set a goal. It can be a daily goal or a list of things you need to get done. The “goal” is to accomplish something. For example, some of my goals are repetitive; I have certain days I try to brainstorm for a blog post and/or start my writing. Other days I have gym goals and publishing goals. It does not have to be a different goal for every day of your life, but a goal that will benefit your life and you can accomplish.

How will it make you better?

4. Bye Negative Nancy!

Why do you have negative people in your life? Honestly, this year I started to cut out negative things completely; whether it was people, places, or things. I don’t even really watch reality television when it is constant arguing, fighting, and no relevance. It just was not positively impacting my life. One of my favorite bloggers also talked about this, because it is so important! Tell yourself everyday to focus on positivity!

I, fortunately, cut out negative people, and as I said in a previous post, positive people are key to your happiness/success. I promise you; you will feel so relieved and like a weight has been lifted off of you when you let the negative thing go.

Sometimes, you don’t even need to let someone know you are cutting them off…just do it. It is your life, and you need to live it happily.

For example, I took a look at the people I communicated with, and they are not necessarily bad, but what was I doing for them and what were they doing for me. There was no substance in the relationship, and we had nothing in common. The conversations lacked a lot of key things that I valued, so I just slowly ended it.

Also, I cannot listen to certain music before work. I now listen to Social Media Podcast, so I can learn and perfect my craft or listen to African Music because it is upbeat and puts me in a good mood before work.

5 Things to Tell yourself Daily

5. Be You

Be you and no one else. Don’t let anyone ever dictate your mood and do not let anyone ever control how you feel. Today, tell yourself that you will be your best you!

Like Oscar Wilde said, ““Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

I hate to throw quotes at you but, I have another great one. Ralph Waldo Emerson, once said, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

Those are fantastic quotes, by two well accomplished human beings.

Life is incredible if you want it to be. I hope you stay positive and continue being your biggest fan! What are some things you tell yourself daily?


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