5 Tips for New Bloggers

5 Tips for New Bloggers

I know you are probably thinking, “Hey Terrah? What’s up with these post about blogging…?” I understand it is kinda different from the norm. However, I really want to help my fellow beginner bloggers! If you are looking for my latest blogger post click here. If you want my first blogger friendly SEO post, click here. Now, that that is out of the way; I am giving you all two blog post this week! So, no worries! My normal topics are still in tack, and you are still getting what you came for! Today, I am bringing you (drum roll please) 5 Tips for New Bloggers! Blogging was completely foreign to me when I first started, and at times I still think it is. And that’s why I thought, “Why not give some new bloggers in the community, 5 Tips for New Bloggers?”

5 Tips for New Bloggers

5 Tips for New Bloggers



You will hear a tone of bloggers tell you to “FIND YOUR VOICE” and that is so true. You need too. I feel that your readers should realize it is your blog by your writing voice. Now a blogger that has taught me so much (I subscribe to her email list, blog, liked her Facebook blog page, I am in all of her Facebook groups, follow her on IG, take her courses and a part of her Blog Boss Babe program), Helene Sula from Helene in Between, has an amazing blog post over finding your voice https://heleneinbetween.com/2017/05/find-blogging-voice.html.
People should be able to read a guest post on your page and realize it is not your writing because they are so familiar with your voice. That is when things get incredible! My voice (and hopefully my readers agree) is as if I am talking to you. I write how I speak because I want you to feel like it is somewhat of a conversation. Those are my intentions.


Ok, I am so sorry, but I am going to refer to the same blogger that I mentioned before, Helene! She is the one who helped me realize; I do not need to torture myself on finding a specific niche.
You have to realize; you don’t want to only talk about the best coffee spots in San Antonio because that will leave you extremely limited on topics and your readers can eventually get bored. You need to make sure you have different topics that your readers can relate to.; also, let’s not forget it can help you monetize!

5 Tips for New Bloggers


I did this literally all year! It has truly been the best thing that has happened it to me (education wise…after graduating college). I have learned so much about blogging, email marketing, social media marketing, and everything of that nature just from e-courses and blogs.
Now, understand this, not every e-course cost money. You can find amazing e-courses and webinars that are free. I am actually reserved to see one this Wednesday (and it is FREE). Isn’t that incredible! Below I am going to link some awesome blogging resources that I think will help you with your blogging career. Since I am sharing with you my 5 Tips for New Bloggers, I am going to give you five awesome resources from other bloggers.


So this going hand and hand with my above point. I think it research lies in figuring out what you like and what you are comfortable with doing. For example, do you prefer to talk about travel? Are you an aspiring traveling blogger or not so much because you don’t travel as often to keep up with great content. Are you a fashion blogger or makeup blogger? If so, conduct research!
Find other people in that specific niche and see what they are doing. How often do they post? Do they only talk fashion or is there anything else they mention in their blogs. Take advice from people in your niche. I do it ALL the time.
One thing I noticed about the blogging community is everyone is willing to help! It is like sisterhood (brotherhood) over competition. ASKE QUESTIONS!


I did not do this faithfully until recently. That is because I knew it was great because I gathered so much information from some of the groups I am a part of, but I did not realize how it helps with traffic and how willing people were to help each other. I am currently in 14 I love them, and I am always active on them.
You can LITERALLY google Facebook Groups for Blogs, and so much will come up. I strongly recommend reading the rules for the group before joining!
I plan on having a group soon, so stay tuned for that!
5 Tips for New Bloggers

I hope these 5 tips for new bloggers were beneficial! That is always my intentions when writing to you guys. Like always, feel free to comment, with any questions, comments or concerns. I am always here. I look at it as we are all in this together with a common goal.

Blogging can work either way: you are an instant hit, or it will take you time to see results. Don’t worry about everyone who says., “I’ve made blogging into a career in only six months” or “I’ve made 1,500 dollars just from blogging this month.” Comparing yourself to others does nothing for you, but waste time. To be completely honest I don’t read blogs like that and
I definitely do not read income reports. Not because I hate the topic, but I do not want to compare myself, and I am not interested in others finances. My day will come with hard work and dedication.
That is my constant motivation.
So my friends, BE POSITIVE. LOVE what you do. LEARN. DEDICATE your time.
You’ll be there soon enough.
5 Tips for New Bloggers
If you enjoyed this post (hopefully you did), I have another blogger guided post on the blog, all about SEO. Like I said before, I will be doing more post like this, and so far you all loved them. If you are interested in why I became a blogger click here.
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