9 Tricks to Pinterest (You Won’t Believe #1!)

Hey, girl hey! Do people still say that? Well, I do! If you all follow me on Instagram, you would know I did some market research! I asked you all what you want to see on the blog, and many of you all voted for more Pinterest related content. Trust me, I understand why! You are trying to figure out how Pinterest can (and will) work for your business. So, I decided to share with you 9 tricks to Pinterest!

Below is the list of ALL 9 tricks:

  1. Pinterest isn’t Social Media
  2. You do NOT need to Pin as much as you think 
  3. Keywords
  4. Image Sizes
  5. Pinterest Share Buttons
  6. Branding
  7. Consistency 
  8. Hashtags
  9. Colors

Now let’s DIVE in! 

Pinterest isn’t Social Media 

I know a TON of people have so many questions regarding Pinterest, and many people think that it is a Social Media platform. 

Well, it is NOT. 

I’ve said this once before…PINTEREST IS A SEARCH ENGINE. 

You know how Google is a search engine…well, think of Pinterest in the same way. 

When and why do you go on Pinterest? Think about it.

You go to look for thinks, whether it is an outfit, recipe, or an idea. You look for things on there, so do you get why it is a search engine?

Therefore, you need to treat it as such, I am begging you. When people are looking up things, your website CAN BE SEEN! 

You do NOT need to Pin as much as you think 

So, of course, you CANNOT just Pin once a day. 

However, you do not need to pin hundreds of times a day to be visibility. In my personal opinion, that is WAY TOO MUCH. 

I currently pin about 30-40 pins a day. 

Honestly, I recommend pinning about 20-35 time a day. 

Your website traffic can still grow if you do not pin 50+ times a day! However, remember Pinterest love consistency, and people who like Pinterest love quality (of your pins). 


Have you ever heard of SEO? 

Now, of course, your website needs to be SEO approved. However, something that I learned about Pinterest is that your Pinterest descriptions should be SEO approved as well. 

Something that you can do for your Pinterest description keywords is search terminology that you plan on using for your description. Try to figure out what people are typing in the search bar. 

Once you see the results – see what pops up. Is it more content related to that field? You want to make sure that you use words that will be easily searchable by your potential readers. 

tricks to pinterest

Image Sizes


Have you ever seen a vertical pin on Pinterest? I have, and it honestly makes me cringe. 

If you did not know, Pinterest does have specific sizing, and it’s 600 x 900. If you plan on growing your Pinterest account and truly using that platform to grow your website, please make sure you are using the proper Pinterest dimensions. 

I use Canva for my graphics, and I love that they already have the proper Pinterest sizes for you to select, so it makes everything so simple! 

Sizing is a HUGE part of tricks to Pinterest – because you want your profile to be visually appealing.

Pinterest Share Buttons

Of course, you want people to see your blog post/website. But do you want them to share your content? Honestly, I hope you answered, yes. 

When people share your content, that means they are sharing with a different audience, so you are being presented to new people! That is what you want! The more, the merrier. 

You want people to share your post, so why not make it easy for them!! Have a Pinterest save/share button your website so readers can pin your work with require much effort. 

I will let you know something about me when I am visiting a website, and I love the content, I want to share it to Pinterest, but when they don’t make it easy for me to share. I won’t. 


Yes, you can and should brand your pins…I’ll give you some examples and then I’ll further explain. 

When you are creating your Pinterest images, make sure you follow these instructions: 

  • Brand Colors – use your brand colors, yes it is a pin image, but you want brand consistency by using your brand colors in the pin (it does not need to be ALL OVER THE IMAGE, but sprinkles of the color are critical)
  • Website visibility – on every pin make sure your website is mentioned on it. Preferably on the bottom or the top of the image. 
  • Same Font(s) on the image is essential as well! 


I have mentioned this before, but you really cannot pin sporadically, because that does not grow your account. 

Barely three times a week does not help you; you should be pinning every day. If you do decide to pin randomly (and a lot at once), Pinterest can think you are a spam account. 

One thing that I do is a Pinterest strategy where I schedule my pins every Monday and Thursday. I incorporate hashtags in my pin descriptions, and I pin my content on every third pin! 

Since I relaunched my website in August, my account has grown so much, and I love it. 

Ok, friend! I hope you enjoyed my 9 tricks to Pinterest and that you learned so much. When I first started blogging, I did not understand the importance, but once I truly learned that Pinterest isn’t a social media platform, I knew I needed to utilize it. 

Another great post that I know you’ll LEARN SO MUCH FROM is here, I am guiding you through Pinterest for beginner bloggers! 


This section is going to be super short because it is simple. 

Yes, Pinterest utilizes hashtags and for every Pin description that you have you should use at least three hashtags.

Hashtags can be searched on Pinterest and it will help your pins be visible! So why not, right? 


Choose colors that pop! 

This was one of my downfalls when I started designing my pins. Besides the fact that they were not visible appealing, nothing popped and the colors I chose were BORING. 

For example, if you want to use black as a color for your words have it pop with highlight color like: yellow, pink, baby blue, or something bright. 

You want the colors of your pin(s) to pop and great the attention of your audience/reader!

I hope you enjoyed these tricks to Pinterest and this month we will be having more great Pinterest topics! Thanks for stopping by and remember to ELEVATE YOUR BUSINESS! 

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