affordable items with great quality

Affordable Amazon Finds

Is it just me, but I rather shop online. I mean don’t get me wrong, I hate paying for shipping. Seriously, I’ll cancel my entire purchase if shipping is too high. However, online is such a convenience I get a majority of my items from there. Yes, sometimes online shopping can be expensive, but I promise you can find some affordable items with great quality online. I do it all the time.

Three of my favorite websites are Fashion Nova, Amazon, and Colourpop! I’ve never had a problem with any of those websites, and you can definitely get affordable items with great quality online.

Today, I decided to share with you some of my favorites, must have items from online shopping. I know you are going to like some of these finds because they are freaking awesome! How couldn’t you? These are affordable items with great quality.

affordable items with great quality

iPhone Tripod

Recently, I bought a Tripod from Amazon, and I freaking loved it. It is so portable you can take it with you anywhere you go by just putting it in your purse. Freaking awesome, I know! I pulled it out at a restaurant once (I was on the patio, and I am dramatic by nature). Yes, I got stares, but I also got pictures.

I purchased this tripod for ONLY $25.99, and it came with a Tripod that is usable on different height levels, Bluetooth remote control, smartphone clip mount, and a bag to carry everything in. That my friend was so worth my coins.


Apple Watch 3 Case

So, when I gifted myself an Apple Watch for Christmas, I did not think about having a screen protector on my watch!

Well, if you do have a smartwatch, I honestly recommend purchasing one. An apple watch isn’t cheap, so protect it, always.

I purchased the clear case from Amazon because I love the all black of my watch. However, you can get so many different colors (and bands) it is insane!


Criacr Bluetooth FM Transmitter, Wireless In-Car FM Transmitter Radio Adapter Car Kit

So, my dad called me one day and was like will you find me a transmitter/radio/Bluetooth? I was like…how?

Then I remembered I had Amazon and I literally found one instantly! I sent over different choices to my dad and told him to pick what he wanted.

My dad is so happy with the results of this Wireless in-car Transmitter; it actually makes me happy! Money well spent, other affordable items with great quality. I love it!


Kermit The Frog “Sipping Tea” Hat

This by far is my favorite! Every girl has some petty/shade in them, and this hat is just perfect – lol.

I love wearing the meme. Amazon has a lot of fun hats that you can purchase for a decent price.


Rose Water

I absolutely love this rose water! No lie, I was extremely nervous to try this on my skin, because I have sensitive skin and everything breaks me out. This didn’t at all.

Instead of moisturizing my face with lotion, after washing my face, I use this rose water and then apply my makeup as normal (after primer of course).

This specific rose water does not come in a spray container, but you can always get one from Sally’s and pour it in. I recommend this to anyone even if you have sensitive skin!

Some people use rose water on their hair, but for other hair products that I use click here.



What are some of your favorite Amazon items? Comment below, to let everyone know. I may try it out!

affordable items with great quality

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