What to Ask your College Advisor

So, August starts tomorrow. Which means school is back in session boys and girls. This is an exciting time, you are one step closer to graduation and accomplishing your academic dreams. I will like to tell you in advance have a great semester. However, if you are a college freshman…WELCOME! You most likely have met with your college advisor, but if not, try to make an appointment soon you will learn valuable information! Please do yourself a favor and go to your campus (even if you are not a college freshman) and ask your college advisor.

ask your college advisor

I am not going to lie to you; I hated going to meet with my advisor. However, it was much needed on many levels. If I did not, I would have probably been behind in my classes. Think about the help your advisor can give you; utilize it!

When you meet with your advisor, they will tell you what courses to take, the order to take them, why you should or should not take one. The meeting is one of the most informative sessions you’ll probably have in college. I highly recommend you come with a list of what to ask your college advisor because being prepared and ready to go will help you with great success.

Well, friends, I am always here for you, and I am glad to tell you questions to ask your college advisor. Click To Tweet

Well, friends, I am always here for you, and I am glad to tell you questions to ask your college advisor.

ask your college advisor

What are the average years it takes to graduate college?

You may think this is a stupid question to ask your college advisor, but it is not. College used to take about four years to graduate. Now, college is taking five to six years for students to graduate!

I graduated in four years, but ONLY because I took summer school EVERY summer. Literally, every summer. One summer I took six courses, and that is the only reason I graduated in four years. The only reason.

So, yes ask your college advisor what the norm is because it may be different if you stay at the same school versus transferring to different schools.

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What is the average classroom size?

I chose to go to a smaller university because I knew my personality. The largest class I had was about 100 people, and that was enough for me.

You need to figure out what works for you, a small classroom or large. If it does not affect you, then you will be fine attending large universities. That can be a huge factor when choosing your university or your classes.

What non-major classes do I need to take?

College is similar to high school in this way…you have to take a P.E., fine art, and other classes that have nothing to do with your major or are a part of the core curriculum.

I have seen it many times. College kids forget about other classes and solely focus on their majors that the may wait until the last minute to take certain classes (and it could be full, so there goes another semester).

Also, some classes are incredible to take while in college. For example, I did not take Spanish in college, but instead, I chose Western Civilization, and I loved it (I love learning history). My point friends, you would be surprised by the different courses you can take, so ask your college advisor!

What internships should I take?

Internships are critical! I always wish I did it earlier, but I didn’t so here I am trying to help you. A lot of employers love seeing recent college graduates having an internship on their resume.

Your advisor should have some internships to reference you to or know someone who can.

What classes transfer?

This is an essential question you need to ask your college advisor. A lot of students transfer schools or take summer classes at a community college, but fail to realize all courses do not transfer.

So please check before transferring, I do not want you wasting your time or money!

ask your college advisor

I hope you all enjoyed this post and I really hope it is helping my college friends get through this year of college.

If you have questions…leave a comment down below!


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