My Biggest Struggle on Instagram and What I’m Doing to Change it

If you are anything like me, you know I have numerous moments when I struggle on Instagram. Since the algorithm is continually changing, and I am continually learning – it can be a tad bit frustrating at times. Not the learning, but the changing algorithm.

You can say that at times, you are losing your rhythm on Instagram, and maybe you are going through dry spells. TRUST ME; I have been through this before! I went on a whole INSTAGRAM HIATUS earlier this year because I was struggling on Instagram and I needed a break to gather myself.

biggest struggle on instagram

Today, I will share with you my biggest struggles on Instagram and what I am doing to change it because this is so simple…IT IS INSANE!

My Instagram account was stagnant for months. I had no idea what I was doing wrong and why I was not growing. I won’t lie to you; I felt defeated!

It sucked being that person that let social media negatively affect their mood, but I was looking at this as me growing my brand, and it made me feel as if I was failing business wise.

So, I had to change my mindset.

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I needed to figure out, why did I struggle on Instagram. First thing first you need to address the issues. You can never improve if you do not know what the problem is.

I realized I wasn’t growing my follower count (my goal by the end of the year is getting 10K followers on Instagram). Also, my engagement SUCKED frequently.

There was the problem. I finally realized what I needed to improve my Instagram. I did not know how to get there – make sense?

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Once I understood my problem, I contacted a blogger who had great success with her Instagram, and she told me the secret.

Before, I tell you guys this Instagram secret remember this helped me with my biggest struggle on Instagram!

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The secret: ENGAGEMENT

Look, if you thought I was going to tell you some formula or complicated answer. Sorry to disappoint you! But, on the bright side, aren’t you happy it is a simple fix?

When she told me this, I literally said…that’s it?

I then realized, I really was not being SOCIAL on social media WTF. That’s obviously a HUGE issue. I cannot expect people to engage with me when I am not returning the favor. Heck, I am NOT Beyonce.

Once I started genuinely engaging, I promise you my following count increased, and so did my engagement!

Something that simple changed my whole Instagram game.

biggest struggle on instagram

Now, something else I started implementing that I now (somewhat) love is really engaging on Instagram stories and creating videos myself on my stories. This is something a dear friend advised me on, and yes, it is a huge difference!

I am so proud of my Instagram and my engagement and following. However, I AM NOT DONE IMPROVING!

It feels fantastic just to know I am making progress, and I knew I had to share this great secret with you guys.


I hope this helps you all on your journey to success! Until next time Friends 🙂



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