Bloggers use Tailwind

Why Bloggers use Tailwind

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Hello, my wonderful friends! Welcome back, this week I wanted to share something blog related because I have not done so in a while. Well, I feel I have not done that in a while. Have you ever wondered why bloggers use tailwind?

If you are wondering how bloggers are increasing the Pinterest page or how they are gaining more traffic on their website, Tailwind may just be the answer. A lot of bloggers use tailwind.

I know you may be a little hesitant because of it’s fee, but I promise it is so worth it! Just a few months ago, I was you. I did not want Tailwind I thought I could do it all myself (manually) and don’t get me wrong, I did it, but it was so hard to Pin consistently every day, all day while having a life.

If you are a beginner at Pinterest or you are familiar with Pinterest on a personal level and not business (related) level, I have a previous post that will help you out tremendously! So, click here to check it out.

Bloggers use Tailwind


Bloggers are always talking about Tailwind, and it wasn’t until 2018 that I truly realized why. It is beyond convenient and helpful. I have grown so much by using tailwind, and I know you will to, don’t worry there is a free trial.

Bloggers use Tailwind simply because of its features! Not only can you find other blog posts to share yourself, schedule your own pins to be sent out (while you aren’t on Pinterest), but you can use Tailwind Tribes! Tailwind Tribes are kind of like Pinterest groups on Pinterest.

If you share your pin, there’s a possibility that thousands of people can see it and share your pin!

I told you there are a lot of bloggers use Tailwind, so here are some of my favorite bloggers and their Tailwind related articles. I want you to have as much research as possible! So, you can enjoy what we enjoy.

Helene Sula 

Cathrin Manning 

Kallie Branciforte 

As you can see these bloggers have one thing in common (probably more) these are bloggers that use Tailwind because it is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website and improve your Pinterest page.

First things first, decide on a day (or days) to schedule your pins for the week. I try to do mine a couple of days out or at least spend 3o minutes a day working on scheduling. It is easy to get behind on the schedule, but if you plan it out and stay dedicated, you will be fine.

Below is the dashboard on Tailwind when you initially log onto the site.

bloggers use tailwind

Tailwind does an amazing job of helping you with your stats. Whether it is how many repins you received last week, your domain pins, or your follower count (plus more) it helps you monitor your online presence.

On Tailwind you can see your published posts, drafted posts, as well as scheduled posts. There is even a way to reschedule already posted pins, from the one website

You can post a TON at once

When you sent down and schedule your pins on Tailwind, it does not have to be one pin at a time, but you can schedule up to a week if you want!

That is beyond convenient and worth it, especially if you have a busy schedule.

Post on Multiple boards (and Tribes)

When you’re scheduling on Tailwind, you can schedule one pin for multiple boards! Below is an example:

bloggers use tailwind

A great thing about being able to select numerous boards is the time it saves rather than only picking one board you choose multiple. Now, if you do not want to post that same pin back to back, you can move it (by dragging and moving to the area that you prefer).

I personally love it…

Tailwind gives you suggested times to post

bloggers use tailwind

This is almost self-explanatory.

At first, I scheduled my pins (on Tailwind) to whatever time I chose. Soon afterward Tailwind gave me suggested times to post. ‘

The solid green boxes are the times they suggested and the green outlined are times that Tailwind has recommended and I have not chosen yet.

I am not exactly sure how Tailwind suggests these times, but after I accepted them, my traffic did increase. So, I recommend doing it!

Check out one of my statistics!

bloggers use tailwind


bloggers use tailwind

Above you will find on the left-hand side of the dashboard different options to help you navigate the website.

The part I’d love to share with you all the most is the Insight option. You can find your stats, and it is beyond informative. So, whenever you really get into Pinterest and Tailwind, I highly recommend checking out those features!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I thought a great blog/social media related post was definitely necessary!

And I hope you all now understand why bloggers use Tailwind!




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