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Ways to Build Online Relationships with Bloggers

Howdy Friends, last week I had a blog post talking about my first MLB game. You can find it here if you missed it! Today, I thought let’s discuss ways to build online relationships with bloggers. Networking and authentic relationships (online and IRL) are essential to your success in this community. This year I want to create more connections and keep up my current relationships that I have with bloggers online.

If you are familiar with using Hashtags on Instagram, then you know the hashtag #communityovercompetition. That hashtag is perfect for the blogging community because IT IS TRUE! I’ve never been a part of such a great community where everyone is rooting for each other and want the other person to win. That is what is so special about the blogging community. It is unlike many others.

We are going to break this post into two different parts:

Why You Should Build Online Relationships with Bloggers

So, I am hoping you understand the value of building online relationships with bloggers and other influencers. If not, that is fine, because you are here and I hope you walk away from the post feeling a little more knowledgable about ways to build online relationships with bloggers.

I am going to share with you an amazing quote from Wendy from “Building online relationships is so key because it allows you to connect, support and raise people up. In return not only do you build relationships, you build a community that will be willing to do the same for you.” Honestly, I could not agree anymore with Wendy! My dear friend Wendy `believes this so much that she started a Facebook Group (that I love), with her group she focuses on building an active community.

I met Wendy online via social media, and we met because of a Facebook Group we were both a part of. Our relationship is an excellent example of ways to build online relationships with bloggers.

So, I gave you a little background on Wendy and I relationship, so let me explain why it is essential…

Whenever you decide you want to be a blogger, you may be confused about where and how to start. I always recommend having a plan and gathering information about how to succeed. One thing I found absolutely incredible about the blogging community is all of the resources (free and paid) that are provided to you. Not only the resources but the majority of the bloggers you come across are EXTREMELY helpful. The blogging community is one of the most supportive communities in any industry I have been in.

It is nothing like women empowering other women. It is truly a beautiful thing and the support you can get when you build online relationships with bloggers is phenomenal.

How to Build Online Relationships with Bloggers

Friends, let’s get to it! There are many ways to build online relationships with bloggers. MANY WAYS!

The first way that I started and I highly recommend is Facebook Groups. You can get a lot of help, support, and collaboration from different Facebook Groups. Different groups have different ways of opportunity. For example, some facebook groups are big on shares. You can share your latest blog post, Instagram post, tweet, and other platforms where you can share your site and platform on that facebook group and other bloggers will support what’s a part of the thread.

I joined a lot of different Facebook Groups that were dedicated to growing your blog, supporting bloggers, and learning various aspects of blogging. Literally, some of the best support I have received is from these books.

Now, I am not going to pretend and act like every “blogger” inspired Facebook Group is the best and is beneficial because that is definitely not the case. However, you can gain a ton of knowledge from them.

Below I will share with you some different Facebook Groups you can check out:

  1. Blogging 101
  2. Boost Your Blog
  3. Boss Girl Bloggers
  4. Social Media Tips with Lovingly Bold
  5. New Blogger Support Group for Women
  6. Blog Support Group
  7. Blog Boss Babe

Remember when you build online relationships the motto community over competition is REAL not just a front someone made up to “seem authentic.”

I met another one of my blogger friends through Instagram and I wanted to share with you all her opinion on online relationships, “It’s crazy how social media can connect you with people that you would have never crossed paths with. The friends I have made online have impacted my life in such a positive way.” – Clarissa Martinez

Clarissa, has nothing but amazing energy and I definitely need to go get coffee with her soon. Her blog is an amazing LifeStyle Blog that will be celebrating its year anniversary in about later this year!

So, a pretty cool way to look up people via Instagram is using hashtags!!! Search for a specific hashtag and look through the feed. Whatever you gravitate towards maybe it is a picture or a comment. Like that photo and take the next step by commenting!

Build online relationships

If you really feel a connection and what to build an online relationship shoot out a DM and tell them how you relate or what you like about what they are doing!

Next thing you know, you are in the beginning steps of building an online relationship.

There are many ways to build online relationships, and it can play a vital role in your growth as a blogger. If you are shy, make this be your goal for May, to reach out to 1 new blogger a week and tell me how it goes! In this industry, it is definitely community over, and we all want to see the other one succeed.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Remember, sharing is caring!

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