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Caripro + Electric Toothbrush

Hello Friends, so I am here today on the blog talking about something I’ve never spoken about with you all before. I’m talking to you about teeth and my new incredible electric toothbrush.
So, it’s so ironic that I’ve recently received my new Caripro + Electric Toothbrush by Smile Brilliant. I was just talking about taking better care of my teeth and out of nowhere I met my new toothbrush – lol. 😂
I’ve never really used an electric toothbrush before. Honestly, I would typically go to Walmart and buy a regular ole toothbrush not even considering the pros of an electric toothbrush.
electric toothbrush
When I first discovered Smile Brilliant’s new Caripro + Electric Toothbrush I was shocked! The price was so affordable especially for something of that caliber. If you look at other companies, who offer the same thing (if not a little less) you’ll see a massive increase in price. I felt that Smile Brilliant cared enough about me and others to make their product affordable so that we can have excellent dental hygiene as well without having to pay an arm and a leg just to get it.
Thank you Smile Brilliant 😁
So, let’s get into this Caripro Electric Toothbrush. My first week of actually using the toothbrush my mouth honestly felt cleaner. I know that’s strange because I’ve always brushed my teeth, but this Electric Toothbrush has five different modes that are beneficial to the cleanliness of your mouth.
Now, I know you’re probably like ok cool Terrah. You like this Electric Toothbrush, but what’s so great about it…
Well, where do I begin?
Electric Toothbrush

The Five Modes on the Caripro + Electric Toothbrush by Smile Brilliant

Clean – so this mode is the standard. It’s my favorite one (although, I use all of the modes). If I were to compare this mode on other Electric Toothbrushes, it is the basic one that comes on most brushes. I NEVER skip this mode; it is always my starter during my brushing process. I feel this step gets my teeth clean and preps my mouth for the next step
White – this mode is something special! I know some people use this mode as desired. I am an avid coffee drinker (well I am now cutting back), so the whitening aspect of this electric toothbrush is crucial. And friends, I know the majority of you guys like your coffee too (and it’s PSL season), so this Toothbrush is right for you.
Massage – the massage mode is something I just knew would make my mouth feel good because if it is anything like a regular massage, I’d be grateful. Unlike the Clean mode of this electric toothbrush, you will not need to use this every day. However, it is an excellent treat for your mouth.
Gum Care – this is another favorite and let me explain why. I have suffered from sensitive gums and gum problems. If you have sensitive gums, brushing them can be challenging or even a little frightening at times. But the cool thing about the Caripro Electric Toothbrush is it has its own mode for gum care. I use this as often as I use my clean mode because I feel taking care of your gums are just as important as cleaning your teeth. The gum care mode is gentle on your gums, and I can actually feel a difference in my gums since using it, frequently.
Sensitive – So, I love a firm cleaning, but for anyone who has more of an overall sensitive mouth or thinks the clean mode is a little too harsh for them. I highly recommend the sensitive mode. It does just as great of job of cleaning your teeth, but it is just not as tough as (my favorite mode) the clean setting.
Electric Toothbrush
Friends, so what do you think? Are you ready to explore the world of a cleaner mouth? I am not sure if you are currently using an electric toothbrush or not. Maybe, you are like me and didn’t use one. Well, the Caripro + Electric Toothbrush will change your thoughts on investing in one and remember it is for HALF THE PRICE (and it does more)!
So, I have a surprise for you guys…something I did not mention at the beginning of this post. Since I’ve partnered with Smile Brilliant, we have a fantastic GIVEAWAY for you guys!!!
electric toothbrush
If you want to enter the Giveaway click here!
Now, don’t worry…if you do not want to enter the giveaway (which would be INSANE) or maybe you didn’t win (unfortunately) you can still get 20% off of the cariPRO Ultrasonic electric toothbrushes by using the code: imterrah20
Awesome right….now I know you probably have a ton of questions about Smile Brilliant and the Caripro + Electric Toothbrush, so please click here because your question may already be answered! https://www.smilebrilliant.com/frequently-asked-questions#imterrah


electric toothbrush

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