College Survival Guide

When you’re away at college, sometimes you can feel as if it is impossible to survive or that it will never end. I have 10 tips to help you get through this chapter of your life.

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If you are going to college for the first time, or you are in college, and it’s impossible to handle, this will be a great guide to help you get through these next years.

Side note: Parties are (normally) great, freedom is INCREDIBLE, boys are boys, but it’s not always perfection.

  1. Protection:

    – It is beyond important for EVERYONE to be safe while at college. Especial the ladies! I think it is beyond important for women to have pepper spray at all times (however, I did not have any when I was in college. Only because I did not want to pay for it. I was cheap). There will be many nights when you are leaving a friend’s house late, late study sessions in the library, and in the Student Center. Having pepper spray for your late nights is always helpful! Physical protection is vital.

    – Now, you are in college (or going to be) which means no parents. Also, a lot of sexual activity. Condoms are necessary! Condoms are a valuable source of (sexual) protection. Never think at any time, that you do not need to use condoms. It is another great way to stay protected.

  2. Sickness:

    – Being sick in college is beyond frustrating (for me because I am a mommy’s girl). You can get through it! Most colleges have doctor offices on campus as well as dental offices (therapist too). There should always be Aleve or any form of head medicine in your medicine cabinet. Funny story, my granny found out I did not have Tylenol. So, she bought me some for Christmas, because everyone should have Tylenol. Ok everyone, HAVE PRIMARY MEDICINE with you in school, because you never know when you will get sick.

  3. Money:

    – YOU WILL BE BROKE. That is ok! College is one location where you will feel broke all the time, but still, have money for alcohol and parties. Don’t freak; everyone is broke in college. Try to save as much as you can and do not blow your refund checks (I never did, so it is possible).

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    Check out my post on how to save money in college here. Image result for lack of money

  4. Weight Gain:

    – YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GAIN WEIGHT IN COLLEGE. IT IS AVOIDABLE. DO NOT BE LAZY. Honestly, let’s be real…if you was poorly and don’t work out (even when you’re at home), you will be fat. Now, I gained 40 pounds in college, but that is because I was beyond skinny and looked on healthy. I wanted a booty and boobs. I finally got it. So, be active! All colleges have a workout facility. There is no excuse why you should not use it.

    A photo of me when I was 17 y.o. and a photo of me at 22 (40 pounds later)
  5. Single vs. Relationships:

    – No comment. I was in a relationship must of college, and it was awesome. I was single for my senior year. That was fun. I got played. I lived. Do what makes you happy. Not much to say, sorry. Image result for single vs relationship gifs

  6. Knowing your Professors:

    – You should make sure you always have a relationship with your professors. When your teacher knows that you care, you are trying, and realizes your potential; they are more than happy to hep you succeed. I’ve experienced needing a professors help and understood the benefits that came when they knew me as a person and not just a student. Visit them during office hours, show you are interested in your mistakes and how you can do better, and SHOW UP TO CLASS. Whenever you have a question, please do NOT hesitate to ask you, professor. 99% of the time they want to help you.

  7. Knowing some of your classmates:

    – Let’s be honest; you are not going to go to all of your classes every day. That’s why meeting your classmates and forming friendships are important. For example, whenever I missed class, I contacted my friend and asked to borrow his/her notes, so I would be caught up and not that far behind. Also, study groups are so valuable in college (wish I knew this when I was in college) it would be insane not to utilize them.

  8. Party:

    – Parties are “everything” in college. However, after time, they do become over-rated. My weekends started on Wednesdays or Thursdays, and I recovered on Sundays. Eventually, (by the time I was 19) I was working and a full-time student. Parties didn’t interest me unless it was the back to school party, HOCO, or the Spring Game (also, if any of my good friends were throwing a party). Unless college parties are fantastic, but I understand how to balance your education and a good time. That is the only way you will enjoy your time and not regret anything (academic wise). Another word of advice, always take care of yourself and use the buddy system. You are NEVER too safe. Be mindful of who you are trusting, how you are acting, and etc…bullying doesn’t end in high school. Image result for party gifs

  9. Involvement:

    – Wish I was more involved in college. I do think if I went t bigger school I would have been. If you are at a large campus GET INVOLVED. If you are in a small campus GET INVOLVED (the only reason I did not get involved was that my campus did not have what I wanted. I would have pledged DELTA SIGMA THETA. Maybe participated in the BSU. The sky is truly the limit. You will have a better connection, more opportunities, and a better time if you are involved on campus.

  10. Illegal Activity:

    – Your time in college will have so much illegal activity. Now, let’s be honest, drinking underage is illegal right? So is Marijuana? If you answered yes to both (if you live in America) my statement is accurate. I’m sorry parents college has a lot of alcohol, weed, and drugs (I don’t consider weed drugs).

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  1. You don't have to be a genius or a visionary or even a college graduate to be successful. You just need a framework and a dream." -  Michael Dell
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