College Tips for an Easier Semester

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When is the last time I did a college-related blog post? Mhmm, A LONG TIME AGO! So, I am back to my roots taking it all the way back to a college-related blog post, and I thought mhmm new year…new college tips.

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Getting through college can be difficult I know!! I was there not too long ago and honestly at times; I didn’t know if I was going to make it out. A little prayer and coffee, got me a long way, my friends! And now you also have my college tips for an easier semester to help you get through.

College Tips for an Easier Semester

Pay your dorm deposit fee 9 (on time)

A lot of people may not realize how important this is, but you HAVE TO pay your dorm fees on time (especially as a freshman). Once they email you about that initial deposit (mine was only $100) make sure you pay attention and put a reminder for the deposit due date.

Friends, if you miss that payment, there is a BIG chance you will be out of student housing (at least for that semester). So, please take it seriously and pay that dorm room deposit.

Now, also remember if you do not plan on living in the dorm check your school’s housing policy. A lot of schools, do not allow freshman to live off-campus. So, you do not want to have plans to live off campus if it is against school policy.

I personally recommend freshman staying on campus, because that is where you’ll meet a ton of people. I met so many amazing girls in my dorm and had so many amazing memories from my freshman year. By far my favorite year of college!

For example, my alumni college, Midwestern State University, has a housing handbook, which I know most universities have.

Choose your classes ASAP

So this is another thing that you cannot procrastinate with AT ALL. Choosing your classes on time (preferably early) is going to be your key to success in college.

Once the class you need/want is full, you can no longer get into that class. You can find the same class, but it will be at a time that you may be an inconvenience for you. For example, you wanted to have Finance at 9:30 AM, but you waited to let, and now the only available class is at 5:30 PM.

One of my best college tips for an easier semester is you do not want a 5:30 PM class, trust me it sucks. It will definitely be hard for you to go, or at least it was for me. I had that twice in college, and it was torture for me to go.

Also, you may want a professor that you heard good things about; if you go on Rate My Professor, you will get reviews from college students and former college students.

Connect with your Professors

I’ve mentioned this before in College Survival Guide, but forming a relationship with your professors is one of the best college tips for an easier semester. You want them to know you because you NEED them. It is extremely badass (no, it really is not) to act as if you do not need your college professors, but your collegiate future is in their hands. So why have an enemy?

Get to know your professor. Make them get to know you. When you are struggling, they will most likely help you because they know you are a good student who puts in the effort.

I am telling you connection is key!

Attend on Campus Activities

Now, I don’t think I did this much…but I still highly recommend it. Go to campus activities. It is a great way to meet your peers, and you never know what kind of connections you can build (which can help you in the future).

Get out of your comfort zone and attend an on-campus event.

So, this is something I really wish that I did. I wish I were more involved when I was in college and by being involved, I could have possibly made some incredible networking opportunities. Click To Tweet

Get Involved

So, this is something I really wish that I did. I wish I were more involved when I was in college and by being involved, I could have possibly made some incredible networking opportunities.

I can not dwell on the past, but I can encourage my friends to do what I did not do.

There are many clubs and organizations you can get involved in.

  • Here just an (extremely short) list:
  • BSU (Baptist Student Ministries)
  • BSU (Black Student Union)
  • Student Council
  • Fraternities/Sororities
  • Crime Stoppers
  • African Students Organization
  • Accounting Society

Of course, there are more, but that is just a few.

Do not work First Semester

I believe I said this before, but DO NOT work your first semester of college. Now, hear me out…you are now starting a brand new chapter in your life. You are away from your parent for the first time and on your own. You need to figure out the college balance life.

Once you a have a definite routine going and you are confident you will be able to balance your studies with your work life (and it is super important to have a social life) get yourself a job.


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I am very fortunate to have had this writing assistant in college, so yes I highly recommend it and this is one of my favorite college tips for an easier semester.

Friends!! I hope you enjoyed these college tips for an easier semester and I certainly hope it helps you get through this last semester before your summer break!

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