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7 Ways to Skyrocket Your Consistency with Your Blog

What’s up Friends! This is the first blog related post of the year! How exciting right? So, I thought long and hard about this. What shall I talk about with my friends on the blog and I thought about it, I want to share 7 Ways to Skyrocket Your Consistency with your Blog.

I bet you guys know that you have to be consistent for your blog to grow. So I am delighted to tell you all different ways to skyrocket your consistency with your blog. If you are not consistent with your blog, then you most likely won’t be able to grow your blog and deliver your business successfully. Trust me, I know from experience.

7 Ways to Skyrocket Your Consistency with your Blog

Planner (Blog Planner and/or schedule)

I am an absolute firm believer of having a planner. I shared with you guys previously in my Goals, Intentions, and Plans for 2019 post a few weeks ago the planner that I am currently using. It is from Clever Fox Planner, and I literally carry it with me everywhere that I go.

It is the perfect size to fit in your purse! That is so exciting for me!

Using a planner will help you schedule your appointments, meetings, to-do list, etc. It is a great way to build consistency with your blog. I have been using my Clever Fox Planner every day since I received it and I have honestly been noticing an improvement in my productivity and my consistency with your blog.

Organization is KEY trust me.


I have mentioned to you all my love for Tailwind, and I have explained it MANY MANY MANY times. So, I will not go into a drawn Tailwind spill on here, but I will tell you why I go so hard for Tailwind and how it helps with your consistency with your blog.

Tailwind is a scheduler where you can schedule your pins on for Pinterest. Constantly scheduling pins for Pinterest keeps you active on Pinterest and gives you a way to stay promoting your post on Pinterest. So, you can continuously gain traffic to your blog.

Many bloggers can attest to Pinterest generating traffic to their blog and most of the time (if not all the time) is the highest source of traffic.

Schedule Facebook Post

Now, this could be a tool that is under-utilized. I guest posted on Lady Boss Blogger, 5 AUTOMATION TOOLS FOR BLOGGERS, and discussed the Facebook in detail and why I loved using it.

I highly recommend you check out that post and to do so. Being active on Social Media and your Facebook Page will help you keep up with your audience/followers and give them consistency so they will not forget about you.

Schedule Blog Post

There are many different websites you can use for your blog: WordPress, Blogger, Medium, Wix, Go Daddy, and there is a lot more!

Now, I do not know what you all are using, but I have WordPress. I always schedule my blog post on WordPress. The best thing about this is you can schedule two weeks out, a month out, or months out. It is entirely up to you, but that is a great way to have consistency with your blog.

Brand Consistency through all channels

Maybe this sounds like an obvious thing here, but brand consistency (through all channels) will help with consistency with your blog.

You want someone to see an image or see a piece of writing and know that it is YOURS. For example, your Instagram should be consistent and tell a story, but it should match all of the other channels.

I will get more constant about brand consistency on a later date.

Images for your blog posts

You want your blog post to have consistency. I try to edit all of my blog post images the same. I do that so that when you see the post or the image on Pinterest they can think it is me by the way I edit.

Check this post and my others you’ll see how over time I started editing all of my photos the same.

Many bloggers do the same thing; it is a part of brand consistency. One of my faves is the edits on The Content Bug.

I will highly recommend thinking of making all images for your blog post cohesive.

When to Post

This always changes for me, but when I am consistent with a date, I am consistent. Your readers will grow once you are consistent and delivering consistent content.

When I first started my blog, I did not post consistently, and I thought I was going to get a ton of views. Boy, was I completely WRONG. I did not start seeing traffic until I started posting more.

I promise you, good writing, authentic content, consistent posting (if it is a specific day or weekly) will help your consistency with your blog.

So, friends, I hope you enjoyed this post over having consistency with your blog. It is so important, and I want us to ALL grow as bloggers. The only way to grow as a blogger is to be consistent.

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