5 Reasons Content Creation Is Essential to Digital Marketing

Do you understand the importance of content creation? I know you probably do because if you are using your social media channels to promote your products or services. Of course, you know the only way you can post content is by creating content. That is why content creation is essential for your business.

Now, I struggled hardcore with content creation because I never knew what I wanted to create nor how to create.

Honestly, I am proud of my journey because my creating has improved throughout the years (Thank God). It is something I am PROUD OF!

Trust me, content creation is critical, and I will tell you why!

content creation is essential

5 Reasons Content Creation Is Essential to Digital Marketing

Keep the audience engaged.

So maybe you are trying to figure out the correlation with keeping the audience engaged and content creation (to digital marketing). 

Your content should be getting your audience engaged. Trust me – I know we all want to blame the algorithm. However, let’s not do that. Let’s start analyzing our content and create content that our audience wants to see. 

I am auditing my content THIS WEEK and making a few changes, so I am providing what my audience craves. 

We cannot always blame the algorithm for our lack of engagement. 

Let customers know your products/services.

Mhm, I hope this did not confuse you. But, I want you to take time and think about what I am talking about with this point. 

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On my Instagram stories the other day, I talked about how product-based businesses need to showcase their products on their social media sites. 

This may seem like a “duh Terrah” situation, but many times companies that sell products have an Instagram page, and they do not showcase what they sell. That leaves the customer confused about your business and leaving your page because they do not see products that interest them (no projects are displayed). 

If you are service-based, you can talk to your audience about your services via IG Stories, IGTV, LIVES, Captions! That is perfect. An excellent graphic or photo with a great caption about you and your services is excellent for content creation if you are service-based.

Always remember, content creation is essential even when you are informing your audience about products and services! 

The audience knows you are active and responsive.

Ok, so let’s face it. When you are producing content on your social media pages, your audience knows that you are active and responsive. 

That is honestly what content creation is supposed to do for you! Letting your audience know you are there and ready to serve! 

If you are not a stranger to my Instagram or website, then you know I am all about not posting and ghosting, but posting and staying active! 

So once you post, make sure your audience knows you are there for a minute by being responsive. 

content creation is essential

Building Trust with potential clients (providing value)

Women are emotional buyers. 

Point. Blank. Period. 

Whoever your potential clients are, you need to make sure you are building trust with them. Why would someone buy from you if they do not trust you?

So you must gain the trust of your audience and make sure YOU ARE PROVIDING VALUE. 

When you are creating your content, make sure you are creating it with intention. 

Everything should be done with intention. 

Depending on your industry/service, it can showcase your talents and creativity. 

Another fantastic thing content creation and why it is so essential to digital marketers is because IT CAN SHOWCASE YOUR TALENTS AND CREATIVITY. 

For example, when you do graphic design – it is fantastic to show your work and what you can do on your SM Channels. 

If your business consists of: logo design, website design, etc.

A great example of someone who does this exceptionally well in showcasing her talents is the creator of  Brand and Bloom Designs, Alyssa. 

(images from Alyssa) 

I hope you enjoyed this because Content Creation Is Essential to Digital Marketing. I want to make sure we are utilizing social media to our full potential. One thing I want to make sure all my clients understand is the way and importance of social media. Use this for your business (the right way).


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