loving your job

Why Don’t you Love your Job

Hello, my friends! I hope you guys are doing well today, it is a beautiful Tuesday and I know I just did a professional related blog post, but I had another one for you. You may (or may not) know I have started a new position and honestly I love it! Before that position, I did not feel the same way about work. I was not happy, and I hate to say it, but it was true. Why Don’t YOU love your job? Why didn’t I previously love my job? Is it hard loving your job?

Well, first off a JOB is Just Over Broke, so let’s focus on you getting a career.

Well, first off a JOB is Just Over Broke, so let's focus on you getting a career. Click To Tweet

One thing a lot of people, especially young people do not realize is that you cannot CHASE A DOLLAR, because if you do you will be chasing for the rest of your life.

You need to find the profession that you (eventually) want to have or what makes you happy and then work towards your goal of success within that profession. You will not always make the most money in the beginning.

I met an owner/CEO of a fantastic place in downtown San Antonio and a Vice President of a successful company in San Antonio in one thing that they both told me that I genuinely had to realize (and be patient about) was sometimes you have to start at the bottom to get to the top. It does not just happen overnight. And what is crazy is they told me they did the same thing…and they ARE SO SUCCESSFUL!

So, what I want to tell you is it takes time, so be patient. I did (it was hard and I almost lost my patience).

Now, let’s get into why you are here…

loving your job

Why don’t you love your job, when you should be loving your job?



Let’s face it, it is not fun being stressed out every day. And at times you think why am I stressed out over a job I don’t even love…
Well, if being stressed is a reason why you do not love your job I have a few things to tell you, friend…

  1. no matter what job you have, you may feel a little stress
  2. why are you stressed? Is it organization skills? Do you need better supplies? You think you do not have what you need to do your job successfully?

Figure out why you are stressed. Once you figure out why you are stressed, and you can adjust your work life to help better you succeed in/at your job….do you still hate your job or are you loving your job now?


Don’t hate me for this…but are you lazy? Are you not loving your job because you do not feel like doing the work required to complete and be good at the position?

If you do not love your job because you don’t feel like doing your job…get a new job.

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Chasing a Dollar

I am not rich and I do wish I had more money to live the expensive life I wish I could, but I don’t and it is what it is.

However, I am not going to quit numerous jobs to get anyone in hopes to get a higher paying job. For the rest of your life, you will be chasing that dollar and will not be able to truly live out your career and do things like grow in a place.

Companies like to see stability, growth, and progress, not a new job every year if it is lateral or no direction in your professional career. Let’s say you make $20 an hour, but if you are not loving your job you will still not like your job.

Not the job you want

Let’s be honest, it’s just not the job for you.

Understandable, because sometimes we have to do what we have to.

Make goals and figure out what you want to do in your career. Work on achieving those goals every day and look for the job that you want.

Remember friends, you spend 40 hours (and sometimes more) at work every week. You should enjoy the place that has the majority of your time. If are loving your job you won’t feel like it is work.

Did I help you figure out why don’t you love your job? I hope so!

loving your job

Make life changing goals today!

Make life changing goals today! Click To Tweet




  1. What a great post! Sometimes crappy jobs are just a short-term necessity to get through life, but we should all be thinking long-term about a career.

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