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5 Reasons Why you Don’t Need to be in a Relationship to be Happy

Happy Tuesday Friends (and if you are reading this on a day that is not Tuesday “insert the day”)! I was living my life this past weekend and reflecting on current relationships and past relationships from life. Well, let’s be a little specific and speak on relationships (with a significant other). While I was pondering on relationships, I realized I don’t need a relationship to be happy (although I already knew that, but I was just thinking).

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There is a lot of pressure when you are in your “mid” twenties to be in a relationship to start a family and have your entire life together. Easier said than done, honestly. Plus it will be so much easier if we did not feel the pressure of finding our soulmate and starting a family. It’s enough pressure to get our career and pay off our student loans – or is that just me?

It's enough pressure to get our career and pay off our student loans - or is that just me? Click To Tweet

I am here to let you all know you don’t need a relationship to be happy! Happiness comes from within and if you do not have happiness from within how will you expect anyone else to love you. I promise you; you can be happy without being in a relationship.

Don't Need a Relationship

No worries friends, I will give you 5 reasons why you don’t need a relationship to be happy.

Make Yourself Happy

As I said early…you have to make yourself happy before you make anyone else happy. I mean if you are a miserable human being your negative energy will do nothing, but rub off on other innocent bystanders.

One thing that happened to me in 2017 (you may be aware of my breakup that occurred in 2017) was my breakup. It was the hardest thing for me AT THE TIME, but it was the best thing that happened to me.

I have not been single as an adult (for a full year), and after my breakup, I was really able to learn myself and love myself. I found happiness with myself and was able to understand what ACTUALLY made me happy versus what makes us happy (us = comprising with my significant other to make sure they’re ok with the decision). So, that is one of my BIGGEST reasons you don’t need a relationship. 🤷🏾‍♀️


Experience Life

Now, I agree and disagree with this. You can experience life in a relationship, but you don’t need a relationship to experience life.

Have you ever heard of solo trips?

I plan on taking one soon, and I am super excited about it. A lot of people say that solo trips are amazing. I found a fantastic post about tips on taking a solo trip on Pinterest. I read and personally loved it. Solo trips are a great way to experience life and enjoy your own company.

Go to your local bookstores, coffee shops, museums and just experience life. Create your own opinion about things and maybe just maybe whenever you do become in a relationship you will have intellectual conversations.



I hate to be this person and say this, but my blog took off, and I was able to focus on it once I wasn’t in a relationship. Now, I am not saying you can’t be in a relationship and blog, but my failed relationship helped me start blogging, so I grateful for that.

However, what I am saying is you don’t need a relationship to be productive. Friends, I am not going to lie to you being in a relationship is fantastic especially when they support your dreams and aspirations. It is great to have that support system, and they can encourage you to be productive.

What I am saying is you should never need ANYONE to make yourself productive. You should have self-motivation and want to succeed yourself. You don’t need a relationship to prove your productivity.

Never forget that (and I hope I am not leaving you).



As you know…YOU don’t need a relationship to grow and become your best you! Although it is amazing to grow with your significant other, you can start developing without him/her.

Personal growth is so important, and I am hoping you will want to be the best you-you can for your special somebody (and make sure it’s that special somebody).

Always try to progress friends. And you don’t need a relationship to progress.


It’s NOT time yet

Lastly, you don’t need a relationship right now because it’s not time yet. You have not met the right one! So, don’t worry and let nature take it’s course your time is coming.

First, be happy with yourself!

I know this is a crazy post, but I really want you all to know you don’t need a relationship to be happy. You can have inner happiness and be perfect and ready for your soulmate. We all get impatient and want our happy ending early, but maybe it’s just not time yet.

Don't Need a Relationship



About Terrah: I am Terrah LP and I am in my 20s trying to learn and understand the exciting yet emotional ride, called life. As a college graduate who majored in Marketing, I would love to be a Social Media Influencer! It is truly my passion. I have many thoughts and opinions, so I thought to myself...why not share? About the Blog: The blog will be all of my thoughts and opinions. Even though they are thoughts and/or opinions, they are mainly factual. (hahaha) I truly hope you all enjoy the blog!


  • La Shell Reid

    Agreed! I’m a newlywed and I can tell you the five years before I met my husband were my happiest years. I was single and learned so much about myself and simply didn’t need a partner. The time came naturally and everything just fell into place.

    • imterrah

      Yes that’s what single women (including myself) need to understand. Learn yourself and be happy . It will all come naturally.

  • natasha

    you have discussed a very sensitive topic here and explained it really well. i too believe that one doesn’t need to be in a relationship to experience happiness:)

    • imterrah

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it. It is defiantly a sensitive topic, but I love (and have to) write what is on my heart in the moment. Thanks again!

  • The Frozen Mind

    Oh how I wish I had learned this when i was young! It would have kept me from ending up in an unhappy marriage and divorced!

    I tell my 22 year okd daughter to be comfortable in her own skin, learn how to be alone and develop your own mind & heart. If you do that, you will be ready for the right one when he comes along!

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