5 Reasons why Email Marketing is Important

What’s up Social Boss Babes! I hope you are having a super fantastic day today. Today, we are talking about why email marketing is important.

I hope you do not think that because 2020 is here, email marketing is dead because honey it is only on the rise. Every business uses email marketing – think about it!

Big businesses that use email marketing: 

  • Pizza Hut 
  • Forever 21
  • Fashionnova
  • Carnival Cruises
  • Amazon

Comment below if you get an email from one of these businesses! This is a prime example of why email marketing is important. Every time Amazon sends me an email of things I may also like – I am like Jeff, you know me so well!

email marketing is important

Now that I have given you this incredible example – do you believe more that this tactic is essential?

I hope I won you over!

Let’s get to elevating our minds!

5 Reasons why Email Marketing is Important

Direct Contact to your Audience (what if social media stopped) 

Have you ever thought to yourself, “what if Instagram shutdown TODAY.” If you haven’t check out this story…

I follow this fantastic boss babe named Amy – I am apart of her Facebook group and her email list. Well, one day, Amy realized that someone was using her post from Instagram. That person was stealing her pictures and captions – wtf. 

Amy reported it to Instagram, and for some reason, Instagram deleted her account. 

Amy had to start from scratch. No, she did not freak out, because she still had her email list, which is something that she owns! 

If this doesn’t explain the importance of an email list – WHY?

Customer Acquisition

Definition: customer acquisition refers to gaining new consumers. Acquiring new customers involves persuading consumers to purchase a company’s products and/or services.

You can increase your potential clients, and it is simple! I tripled my email list one week, and you can find out here, by clicking here

The people that sign up for your email list want to gain knowledge from you, or they want that free offer that you are presenting to them. When you create free content – people want it, and they’ll give you their email list for it. Those people will most likely buy from you. 

Doesn’t Cost Much

Your email list provider can be totally free! 

You’ve probably heard of the different providers such as:




Constant Contact

I personally use Mailchimp – because it is free for you if you have up to 2,000 subscribers. So far, I love this platform; it is simple to use, and the app comes in handy frequently! 

If you are just starting with growing your email list, I highly recommend that you use Mailchimp because of its free features until you reach 2,000 subscribers. 

Why make that an expense right now?

email marketing is important

Promote Services

You can always directly sell to your email list, but I do more soft selling and let me explain how. 

I started using this method with my emails recently, and I LOVE it. 

At the end of my emails, like the footer of the email – I list my ebook, my Social Boss Babes Coaching Program, and whatever else I feel like promoting at the time. 

You can design your email however you please! I suggest subscribing to an email list throughout your niche and get an idea of what your competitors and mentors are doing and get inspiration. 

Stay Relevant 

You should definitely stay top of mind! I recommend at least emailing twice a month AT LEAST. 

You have to stay at the top of their mind to build like, know, and trust. Make sure you are educating your email list and that they are gaining value, so eventually, you can convert them to your high-paying clients. 

Ok, boss babes…

How do you feel? 

Do you somewhat get why having an email list is essential? It’s something that I never thought I needed, and I did not even want to understand, but now it’s something that I may a priority, and I plan out a month in advance! 

Email marketing is SO important to your business so that you can make sure you are always promoting yourself to your ideal clients. 

Let’s stay aligned! 


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