Facebook Groups for Marketing Your Business

Hi Social Boss Babes – so much has happened since you end of January. Guess what it was…the launch of my new Facebook Group – Social Boss Babes! Facebook Groups are amazing, and such a great way to build such a badass community. Another great thing people should know is that Facebook Groups for marketing purposes is HUGE.

facebook groups for marketing

Personally, I am a part of numerous FB groups, and I have honestly met some of my best virtual BFFs, amazing client leads, and clients. Yes, all from FB groups! SBB, Facebook Groups for marketing, is Queen. 

I launched my brand new FB group, and I love it because of #communityovercompetition. 

Today, I want to talk to you about using Facebook Groups for Marketing Your Business!

5 Ways to Use Facebook Groups for Marketing

Community Building 

How do you feel about this right here? Yes, community building! It is so crucial that you build a community around your brand/business/blog. 

Mhmm, you have hesitations? Why? The best brands do it! 

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Wendy’s
  • Chic-fil-a
  • NFL (yes, this is a brand – think about it)
  • The Shaderoom
  • Every other successful business! 

Do you know why having a community is HUGE for a business? Simply, because you need people to buy and support you to be successful. 

Being a part of Facebook Groups is excellent for your brand because you will meet amazing people that can add to your community, whether it is through a Promo Thread or just posting a story that makes you seem like an active participant in the group. 

I started the Social Boss Babes FB Group to build a community for amazing female entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs! I wanted us to have a community that wasn’t just a daily thread that you got nothing from.


We all know that you can promote on Facebook Groups if the group has those rules! Always check the General Rules descriptions because if they have specific promo days or do no allow promotions at all – do not promote your stuff. 

In my Facebook group, I have my promo thread on Wednesdays! 

Some groups also let you just post directly to the group – awesome, right? There are many ways you can find yourself promoting on Facebook groups – when people post opportunities or even asking questions; you can find a great way to promote your services to a potential client. 

Facebook Groups for marketing is definitely essential because you want to make sure you are promoting your brand/business at all times! Free marketing people take advantage of it as much as you can. 

Providing Value

Value. Value. Value. 


Instagram is not the only place where you can provide value to your (or an) audience. 

Do it on Facebook as well. 

Yes, there are many opportunities where you can provide value to the members of the FB groups that you are a part of – don’t worry!

You can randomly provide knowledge directly by posting on a FB group. Many group rules love this because they want you to focus on delivering value more than they do (just) promoting. So it is highly encouraged! 

The importance of providing value is enormous because it helps you been seen as an expert in your field, and you can reach your ideal clients by spitting knowledge on FB groups. 


Maybe you are not too confident; just spreading knowledge on Facebook Group and girl that is fine. However, still, understand that you can learn so much from being a part of Facebook Groups. 

In my group – on Monday’s I provide motivation, Tuesdays I give a tip, and on Thursdays, I offer an educational video! I want to make sure the members of my community can come to my group and learn and seek inspiration. 

There can be a question you need to ask – post it on the group – people will definitely answer all the questions that you have BECAUSE THE COMMUNITY IS THAT GREAT. 

Gaining Leads

I have received so many leads from FB, and almost over half of my clients have come from this platform. 

My advice is to reach out to any lead opportunities that you feel fit your expertise. The worst thing that can happy is that a person declines your pitch, but you are not missing out on what you don’t have. 

How do you feel about Facebook Groups for Marketing? Do you agree that it is Queen because I definitely do! You can really use this social media platform to elevate your business in 2020. 

I encourage you to join some badass FB groups – including my own by clicking here

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