Instagram Accounts to Follow and get Inspired from

You all voted, and now it’s here! My favorite Instagram Accounts are now here, and I hope you enjoy. We all (almost all) spend time on IG commenting on photos, watching videos, and exploring new things. Instagram is such a crazy market now it is insane. We find out about brands, people, different looks, and now we can collect post! Instagram is basically a combination of the OG Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest and I love it!

Instagram Accounts to follow

Let’s just jump right into my favorite Instagram accounts:

Favorite Instagram Accounts

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Helene Sula,

Life Style, and Travel Blogger. Helene takes the best photos literally. Her page is terrific, and it is continuously growing. I obviously follow her on Instagram and always read her blog. Helene is the creator of Blog Boss Babe which I am a part of (click link in Instagram, bio to get more information). Not to mention she is a successful blogger and gives excellent tips for Instagram success. Helene is very responsive to her followers, and her engagement is impressive, whether it is her captions, comments, hashtags. She is a success. Helene’s page has made me want to travel abroad. All of the places she visits seem so superb and the way she edits her photos are amazing; thanks for making me want to travel Helene, that is my goal for 2018. If you want to see why she is one of my favorite accounts check out Helene’s IG page!

The Shade Room,

TSR, call me crazy, but you can get all the celebrity gossip and pettiness through the TSR, and it is funny. I am not sure how I came across their page, but everyone I know knows about The Shade Room. Granted, they peep everything, so don’t think they won’t find your comments, or capture your deleted photos. Remember, it is called The Shade Room. I love it for the laughs and information.

Favorite Instagram Accounts


is literally the best. She is my favorite Youtuber. I love her relationship with her husband and her cute puppies.
I follow Raye on Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, and Youtube and she is so responsive to her fans! It is amazing. I think that is a massive deal because engagement is crucial. Especially for bloggers and YouTubers; you need to show your supporters that they are valued, and you care about them. I’ve asked her many questions before via Snapchat, IG, and Twitter and she responded on ALL platforms that is something that NEVER happens, and honestly, I think that is why she is so successful. She is always so kind and did I mention how gorgeous she is. I have upgraded my makeup game, and she is part of the reason why, THANKS GIRL (now only if I could take bomb selfies). Her page (all of her pages) is fantastic, and I recommend checking her out. I bet you’ll start loving her. If you think you’ve seen her on my website before, you have because I posted a previous photo of her on a previous post.

Favorite Instagram Accounts

Whitney Simmons,

is my fitness inspiration. She is a YouTuber, and I follow her on all social media networks. Now the main reason she is one of my favorite IG accounts is solely based on her content. Her content is AMAZING. Like I previously said she is a fitness guru, and her workout videos are on youtube; however, she posts some of her workouts (small clips) on her Instagram accounts. It is beyond convenient for me. Whenever I am at the gym, I can quickly go to her IG account or my workout section on my Instagram account and follow her workout guide. Seriously, it is the best thing, and I love that she does that.Favorite Instagram Accounts

Linn Jacobsson,

is another fitness account that I follow and love. The reason why I love her account so much is the same reason why I love Whitney’s. She posts workout content all the time, and I love her quads, I know that sounds weird, but I hope my quads and bum look like hers one day. They are amazing! I am constantly saving her post and following her workouts.

So, the Instagram accounts that I follow and love, our bloggers and YouTubers, minus The Shade Room. Two of them are fitness, so you think I would be in better shape…but that is a different story!

Hope you enjoy and check out their accounts! While you’re at it follow mine as well.

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