Professional Baseball Game

My First Professional Baseball Game – Houston Astros

Do you follow me on Instagram? If not, you missed my announcement about my first Astros game! No, worries though you can see the picture here and continue to read on to know about my first time at a Professional Baseball Game.

So, my boyfriend and I planned a trip to Houston so we can go to the zoo and The Breakfast Klub. Friday night he did not want to tell me what he had planned, and I hate not being in the know!

Well, let me get you some background information…I’ve told my boyfriend (in casual conversation) that one day I want to go to a professional baseball game. He chuckled and asked me why because I don’t even pay attention to that sport, but I told him…the experience! I’ve always heard that the experience is incredible even if you are not a fan. So that is what I wanted.

He finally told me…WE WERE GOING TO AN ASTROS GAME! Oh. My. Gosh. I was beyond excited because well, it’s my first professional baseball game! My dream was finally coming true.

That morning we drove to H-Town (birthplace of the Knowles Sisters), our first stop was Academy. Babe wanted an Astro Hat, but we ended up getting so much more Astro gear! I absolutely LOVED everything we tried on, and we even had a mini-photo shoot in the store.

Aren’t we cute?!


I had no clue where our seats were, but I was excited regardless! We get to downtown Houston and finding a park was expensive! Finally, the car was parked, and we were walking towards the ballpark. I was excited to be at my first ever MLB Game. We got into the baseball park, and it was definitely amazing to see all the fans in their baseball gear with drinks in their hand. Seriously, it is like EVERYONE was in a great mood! Now, that my friends is an incredible atmosphere.

We finally got to our seat and ummm WOW. I was absolutely surprised and how great our seats were and for that being my first ever professional baseball game it was completely unexpected.

We were in the seventh row a little behind third base. I know I know, my boyfriend did his thing with that!

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** I tried to show a video on this post, but it would not let me :( 

Well, friends. I guess you will just have to believe me when I saw…my seat were pretty awesome!

The people we were surrounded by in the stands were pretty cool, and it was there were good vibes the entire time. You would really have to be a Negative Nancy to have a horrible time at an Astros game.

We had our seats, we were cheering, and the Astros beat Oakland, so I would say it was a pretty awesome experience!

Have you guys ever been to an Astros game? I am headed to another professional baseball game in a few weeks!

Professional Baseball Game
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