Goals, Intentions, and Plans for 2019

I know we are basically done with January, but I can still say, “Welcome to a New Year!”

Now, friends, I am definitely not into the whole, “New Year. New Me.” However, I do strongly believe in reevaluating, goal setting, and planning for this next chapter (year).

And call me a little crazy, but I personally don’t think that on December 31, 2018, you were one person and then the next day, January 1, 2019, you are a brand new person…I am not trying to be pessimistic, but change does not happen overnight, but it takes time.

I am certainly excited to share with y’all my goals, intentions, and plans for 2019!


It was kind of like I had such a bad case of writer’s block. Not even kidding, I wrote a full post and did not even publish it because I did not like it. And I have said this once before if I will never publish anything to you guys that I don’t love myself.

I did not forget about true authentic content for you all, but I just did not want to give you anything less than my best.

And if you saw my Instagram. I have barely been posting! The joy of Instagram is not entirely there for me. It started to be more of a job rather than a social media site (app) that I like. Whenever I post, I focused on my the quality, caption, hashtags, and engagement. The Instagram algorithm changes so much and my numbers were just slacking, so on top of it feeling like a job, it is not even going well for me.

It is like the drive I had was gone, and I was stuck.

So, friends, it is time for me to refocus and regroup.


Work out 3-4 times a week

Working out is a part of a healthy life. It should be a lifestyle.

I have body goals (what girl doesn’t?). I want to tone up. Having killer quads and glutes is almost every girl’s dream! I need to truly focus and be consistent when it comes to my body goals and gym goals.

I’ve realized that the only problem I have with the gym is consistency (getting there, regularly). So, this year I will make sure I get my butt up and head on over to the gym to work on my “dream bod.”


Love is pretty standard. My plans with love are to display it more and show actions of love instead of only verbally communicating it.

Everyone has a different love language and it is imperative to communicate with your loved ones in their love language.

Read a Bible Verse Daily

I have been doing this every day so far! And it is super easy to do because it automatically comes on my phone every morning while I am preparing for my day.

It is crucial for me (personally) that I know the bible.

Talk to God more

I am not religious. However, I do believe in having a relationship with God, and that is something I want to focus on this year (and for the rest of my life).

Eat Healthier

I started eating less pork, and I can honestly feel a difference in my body and skin. A lot of people claim that red meat is so healthy for you, but it is not, do your research…

I do want to incorporate eating enough calories a day (especially now since I am working out), more fruit, protein, and just not unnecessary sugar in my body. Eating well makes you feel good!


This year I need to make sure I balance my full-time job, my side business (my blog), and working out.

I will be a success story in 2019.

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  • Grow my Email List

This has been one of my hardest struggles with my blog. I realize I am not doing something right and this quarter I really need to buckle down and focus on growing my email list.

I know I need to make realistic goals, so I am planning on reaching 200 email subscribers in 2019 (and if more happen – HECK YES!)

It is undeniable that in order to reach this goal I need to create more freebies and opt-in(s). I am hoping to surpass this goals so I can make more email marketing goals in the near future.

  • Resume and Cover Letter Service

I launched my Resume and Cover Letter Service at the end of 2018. This year I WILL promote and market my service more so I can increase my clientele.

Hopefully, with you all’s support (sharing is caring and word to mouth) and my promotions, this goal will definitely be reached!

  • Reach 6k followers on Instagram and get more traffic on my blog

I hate to sound so superficial and millennial, but this is the career path that I want to have, and these things are essential. Ask any blogger!

I know with these being some of my goals for this year I will need to log into my Instagram account and start growing.

I am hoping with growing my IG I will be able to network with more bloggers, gain more opportunities, and gain more friends on my blog (generate more traffic).

  • Generate a Monthly Income

THIS IS A MUST! Boy, I tell ya!! This is a for sure have to do in 2019. Or else it is just like I am working for free.

I am not going to share with you all exactly what I want to make a month, but I will share that I am going to strive to generate a monthly income this year. And the sooner the absolute better!


Mhmm, so this section is extra short, but I just want to say this. I want to TRAVEL! It is so hard to travel when you a full-time job and when you are not the richest in the bunch. However, I will try to take some time to vacation and enjoy life because you only have one life to live.

Oh and I plan to be happy!


I’ll be 25 this year too…I think maybe I should really celebrate!

Something that is helping me with my goals is my planner from Clever Fox Planner. I can honestly say planners, especially goal oriented planners make life easier.

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Ok, gang, I’ve never done a post like this, but other bloggers and my own journey inspired me. So, my advice to you is to defintely write down your goals (realistic goals) and have a great 2019!


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