Goals, Plans, and Intentions 2020

What’s up Social Boss Babes and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Can you believe we are entering a new decade – the roaring 20s all over again. I started writing a post in January about goals, plans, and intentions last year, and I thought I’ll make this a tradition! 

Why not hold me accountability by posting it on the web – maybe this will inspire you as well. 

2019 – was huge because I left my comfort of having a 9 – 5 and moved to a brand new city. #noragrets (please comment below and let me know if you know what movie this is from)

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I launched my Social Media Management Service and helped amazing women with their social marketing strategies. 

2020 I want to make sure I stay aligned with my goals and business while taking it to the next level of prosperity. 

I launched my Social Media Management Service and helped amazing women with their social marketing strategies.

2020 I want to make sure I stay aligned with my goals and business while taking it to the next level of prosperity.


  1. Successful coaching program – I launched my 1:1 coaching program in December (for it to launch in 2020). The coaching program is so special to me because I love helping amazing women in business elevate their online strategies to attract their ideal clients. My Social Boss Babes 1:1 Coaching Program will help elevate small businesses and the beginning stages of their journey. My goal is to help as many ladies as I can!
  2. Get license – I won’t tell you what this license is for yet because I don’t want to disclose this information; however, you will know soon! My goal is to get my license by the first quarter of 2020.
  3. Launch YouTube channel – Something that I have wanted since I was in high school! I’ve always that about launching a youtube channel because I thought it’d be fun, but I never knew what I would talk about. I am not big into makeup, hair, or fashion, so I never pursued this desire. After launching my business, I realized I could have my Youtube niche be marketing and social media! So, my goal is to have that coming to you in 2020. 
  4. FB community (start) – This is something I have been hesitant about for a while now. What was holding me back -so many ideas at once. I truly wanted to make sure I knew how to give value to my community. I want to be consistent and provide quality content. Not the standard, “share your wins” or “what are your goals.” I have an idea, and I hope to launch this towards the end of pf 2020. 
  5. E-course – This may be a lot of entrepreneurs’ goals, but I’ve always wanted to educate people. This will be another perfect way to do that and receive a passive income. My course will be about marketing! However, I still have more brainstorming to do. 


  1. Travel to California – I am from California (a proud Californian). One of my favorite ladies is there. My granny and I really need to visit her. Plus, my boyfriend has never been to the city of angels, so this is the perfect opportunity to go! 
  2. Carnival cruise – T and I had a fantastic time on our last Carnival cruise, and he wants to make it a yearly thing (guess you can say a TNT tradition). That will be such a fantastic trip, and I love using my passport. 
  3. Visit Miami – Hopefully, this happens! I think it’ll be a fun visit one day while I am young – lol


  1. Improving Self Talk 
  2. Talk with God more
  3. Workouts 

I am not elaborating on my intentions because I feel that it is pretty self-explanatory. 

2019 I chose the word elevate

2020 the new word ALIGN

I hope you have a great 2020 and reach all of your goals! 

Remember, you can apply to my Social Boss Babes 1:1 Coaching Program by clicking here. This program is for you if you are new to your business (just starting out) or thinking of pursing having a business! I want to help guide you in your beginning stages to your business. 

Stop letting her hold you back!


Let’s Elevate your Business, 

Terrah LP 

Hey friends! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Terrah, a blogger with a passion for helping small businesses grow.

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