you need to grow professionally

5 Reasons Why you aren’t Getting what you Want Professionally

Many of you all are young adults and trying to thrive in the professional world. Some of you are where you’d thought you’d be in Corporate America (entrepreneurship America) and others are still trying to find their way. I completely understand that. Like I understand you 100%, I am there…I was there; we are all there! You need to grow professionally.

If you feel stagnant or if you feel like professional growth is not in your immediate future, stop being negative and understand 5 Reasons why you aren’t getting what you want Professionally.

Do not feel like it is required or that you are entitled to success.

Do not feel like it is required or that you are entitled to success. Click To Tweet

If you work hard, you are deserving but know it is not just given to you. Yes, you need to grow professionally, but buckle down and enjoy the ride.

Two years ago, I started working for my company. I literally started from the bottom. At first, I had high hopes then eventually they all started to fade. It was confusing, why did I have to start from the bottom with this “fancy” little piece of paper I received from a University.

I was naive.

Now I understand why I had to start from the bottom because I needed to grow in the industry that I was in and I am glad I did because I am not the same person that I was two years ago.

you need to grow professionally

I worked hard and did my best. Fantastic opportunities were sent my way, and I am forever grateful. Two years later, I was able to grow in the company in a way I didn’t even know that’ll I need.

That’s fantastic!

You need to grow professionally, and now I believe I am on the right track.

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5 Reasons why you aren’t getting what you want Professionally



Ok, many of you all may think you don’t complain…so below is a definition:

express dissatisfaction or annoyance about a state of affairs or an event.

I’ve complained! Everyone does it, but I’ve learned how to limit it or just phone afraid and complain to them. Complaining at work is not great and can slowly but surely cause chaos within your own opportunities.

People gossip at work and if you are constantly complaining people will know about. Bosses, supervisors, managers, and more people talk, and they question if you are ready to grow professionally.



The definition of Backtalk: rude or impertinent remarks made in reply to someone in authority.

I know some people hate authority if that is the case then work for yourself or work online. Work somewhere where you do not have to have a boss that you answer to.

When your boss asks you to do something don’t talk back or be rude, just do it. If you plan on growing with the company and you show your immediate supervisor backtalk, it will be nearly impossible to grow with that company and even grow within yourself. Even if you need to use him/her as a reference that won’t be a great reference because you couldn’t show him/her respect.

Every time your boss tells you to do something; you do not need to backtalk. Remember present pain future happiness, whenever you feel like you have to do something that you do not want to do.

That will help you in your future and remember you need to grow professionally.


Don’t be mad, but you just aren’t quite there yet, and that is ok I promise. You are young, and you still have a lot to give.

Don't be mad, but you just aren't quite there yet, and that is ok I promise. You are young, and you still have a lot to give. Click To Tweet

I know sometimes it is frustrating whenever you’ve graduated college, and you feel like you should be in a different position. You see all of your high school and college friends thriving with their lives, and you are wondering why not you?

Your time will come, I promise. You just need to work hard on all levels in life. You know you need to grow professionally, and that is the first step.

Talk to your mentors, bosses, and other people who you admire and tell them (the ones you trust and can help you grow) what you hope to get from your current position. Let them know what you want to do professionally; they could give you amazing advice.

It is possibly that you are one step away from that professional growth. I once asked one of my superiors, what do I need to do to get to the next level? That was one of the best questions I could ask.

It shows that you are looking for the future and want to be the best you that you can be.

I highly recommend VISION BOARD.



People hate working with a negative person; I can guarantee that. Once you are negative EVERYONE at your job will hear about and dread working with you.

It’s equivalent to complaining.



Let’s be honest. Politics are everywhere, including work. Sorry, it is the truth.

Learn the game. Study it. Excel at it.

Learn the game. Study it. Excel at it. Click To Tweet


you need to grow professionally

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Friends, do me a favor! You need to go professionally because I want you to succeed. If you have advice, let us know below!

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