SEO from a Beginning Blogger to a Beginning Blogger

I never thought in A MILLION years I would write a post over SEO. It has nothing to do with lifestyle (although, it is a big part of my lifestyle), but here I am. I started blogging seriously for almost a year now, and I can see my growth more and more every day. I am SUPER proud of myself as we should all be when we make these huge accomplishments. Especially, in our dream profession! Since I am not a professional blogger and I am STILL regularly learning, I thought it would be awesome if I, a regular girl who wants a prosperous future in blogging, were to talk about SEO and my experiences with it. I guess you can call this how to SEO from a Beginning Blogger to a Beginning Blogger.

When I first started blogging, I had no idea what SEO was, and I did not care honestly, not because I didn’t want a successful blog, but because I genuinely did not know what it meant and I had no idea what the importance was. SEO this and SEO that, I thought it was something I could avoid. Something that mattered, but not really. So, I guess you can say I thought it was like wisdom teeth; you can live with them or without them. I kept telling myself I can be successful without understanding or even “use” SEO and I was wrong. SEO is essential and highly recommended. Everyone blogger needs to know, how to SEO.


how to SEO

I got better with my SEO as I continued to blog. However, my last post, which you can find here, has my best (I believe it is my personal best) SEO usage.

With this post you’re reading right now, I am going to share with you all how to SEO. No, I am not a pro, but I am getting better every day, and I want to share with you all how I learned, the tools I use, my process, and everything SEO. I know you will enjoy it. You have to, well only if you want to be a blogger and you are struggling or trying to understand SEO.

First, I am going to tell you the main articles, and blogs I used to grasp what the heck SEO is. Oh, I do apologize for not mentioning this earlier, but SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Please feel free to pin this, so you NEVER forget it.

Kallie Branciforte, Caffeinate and Conquer (if you follow me you know this is my favorite blogger and I highly recommend her).
This website is superb, especially for bloggers who crave more knowledge about how to get a successful blog. My favorite SEO post on this site is here.
Another excellent post and this one talks about things people are doing that could actually hurt SEO is here. This website is dedicated to different ways that you can grow and improve your blog, so please feel free to check it out in detail.

The next thing was an article I found was very helpful; it gives you a great overall generalization of what SEO truly was. I recommend reading, and you can just click here.

I know you think this is not a huge list, but I am not done telling you guys about excellent articles I am STILL reading to understand and improve my SEO. Those were just my first how to SEO articles. Also, that book you will find on Kallie’s blog post (over SEO) has a chapter dedicated to SEO. I took notes and learned how to SEO.

how to SEO

I come across fabulous bloggers and their post on Pinterest. Oh, how I love Pinterest (I have a board dedicated to SEO and Blogging Resources), you can find absolutely anything on there. There is a blogger I found named Juelz John and a lot of what Juelz says I 100% already do! It is so crazy how her tips were what I do exactly; it made me feel like I was on the right track; so I recommend checking out her post here it is so informative.

I came across A Modern Mommy, and she has another excellent post over SEO and how to apply SEO Strategies to your blog!

I promise you! Pinterest (and I am not promoting Pinterest. I get nothing from telling you about Pinterest) is terrific with incredible resources for almost anything! If you want more articles that can help you improve your SEO, I strongly suggest checking Pinterest! There are many references from different bloggers so you will get the top information from people who were once where you are!

I know I mentioned this before, but there is another excellent tool I want to tell you all about before I go any further and that is Blog Boss Babe. I am a member, and it is great for bloggers who want to improve and become great! Click here to check it out and get signed up!

Ok, so moving on to my version of how to SEO and what I do to increase my SEO.

  • Brainstorm – I am continually trying to see what I am most passionate about so I can write about it. If I lack passion behind the topic, I won’t publish it to my readers because I feel like I am doing them an injustice.
  • Write – I keep writing until I feel I completed my task
  • Re-read and edit – I write the way I speak, and sometimes my brain works too fast, so I have to read it over to make sure I am not missing any words or need to add anything
  • Search Google and Pinterest for popular titles – I did this so much in my beginning journey of SEO and still now, not as much but a little. I like to figure out how everyone else words their articles and what articles (with the way it is titled) comes up first on google
  • Add in keywords – (longtail) keywords are critical. Instead of saying jean jacket say distressed blue denim jacket
  • Add external and internal link – I try to give my readers external links for the subject I am covering for other opinions and also link my other post if it has to do with my current topic or I think it would be a great read
  • Add (pinnable) images – Pinterest is a blogger’s best friend! You need to make sure you create pinnable photos
  • Create an SEO approved title – YOAST SEO will help with this
  • Create a post that is longer than 300 words – If your post is not a certain length, Google will not consider it credible.
  • Write a Meta Description – This pops up when people find you online, or your link pops up on Facebook or online somewhere
  • Permalinks – this is so someone can put your link up. You want your link to match what you post is about, for example, I did a post about interviews and interview preparation my permalink had interview-preparation in it
  • Subtitles -I did not even know this was necessary until a few months ago
  • Above are all of my personal how to SEO. I use it every time I write, and the more I write, the easier it becomes.

how to SEO

I do strongly recommend getting YOAST SEO on WordPress. At first, I thought it would be a waste of money (I hate spending money). However, after much thought, I eventually decided to get it. Mainly because I was reading yet another SEO improvement article and everyone was always talking about YOAST SEO and how it’s necessary. I even heard about it when chatting on my Facebook Groups. So, I decided to give it a try and I LOVVVVVEEEE it. It has seriously helped and has helped my content improve already!

Now, all of the steps that I described to you above are so much easier to track when you have YOAST SEO. It is definitely a game changer!

I hope you all learned and got some great information from this post! My goal was to inform and share with you my tips and the post I find helpful! If you have ANY questions feel free to, I would love to help! Also, let me know if you would like more post like this!!



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