How to Talk to your Teen about Sex

I am no parent, but I have parents! So maybe this makes me a little qualified to help you understand how to talk to your teen about sex. I know I know you are probably so shocked that I mentioned this, but hey, it is the way of life, literally. Everyone (basically) does it! So, why not read how to make this a little less awkward when talking to your teen about sex.

So, come on! Let’s talk about something uncomfortable!


I want to help you figure out (a non-awkward way) how to talk to your teen about sex. Now, if that makes you uncomfortable stop reading now and prepare yourself.


When your child is in Middle School, I believe you NEED to talk to him/her/them about the birds and the bees. PLEASE do not beat around the bush! When you do that you’re lying to them; they are then confused and look to the internet and their classmates to “guide” them in the right direction.

My mom told me the absolute truth to where I hated having those talks because she was so honest. That’s better than me doing the nasty without protection because I did not know.

10 Ways to help this awkward conversation:

  1. Honesty

    – you are giving your child VALUABLE information. They should be able to believe; as a parent, you will be completely honest with them at all times. Especially, during the critical conversations.

  2. Answer their questions 

    – just because some of the questions you may be asked (may) make you uncomfortable don’t ignore it. Still, answer it to the best of your capability. If your kids do not feel they can ask you questions they will go elsewhere seeking information.

  3. Don’t be awkward

    – be confident, not embarrassing. If you’re awkward, your baby boy or baby girl will never want to have this conversation with you again. It makes them even more uncomfortable.

  4. Don’t  act like their friend

    – you’re their parent, not their friend.

  5. Don’t lie to them

    – if you lie you lose all credibility. Everything you say will now be questioned. For example, you can get pregnant by kissing, grinding, hugging, etc. stop doing that. When your child shares that information at school, and they’re embarrassed, THEY WILL NEVER COME TO YOU AGAIN.

  6. Don’t “shelter” them

    – understand they are growing up and (unfortunately) times are changing. They need to know what IT is. Teenagers should be aware, no that does not mean they need to do it. However, they should be knowledgeable about it. Having a teenager who you never discussed sex with could probably figure it out themselves, but with the opposite gender (or same).

  7. Teach about sexual intercourse in Middle School

    – I am not saying when they are 11, but at least 8th grade, before they go into High School. Send them to High School prepared, not oblivious. The article from, NPR, states, “In Texas every year, about 35,000 teens and young women get pregnant before they turn 20. And while rates of teen pregnancy are on the decline nationwide, in Texas the rate of decline is slower.” That shows how children need to be prepared, because teens have intercourse is happening.

  8. Don’t act as if they’re going to hell if they have intercourse


  9. Be sensitive

    – It is incredibly awkward to have this conversation, and it may be personal.

  10. Let us know we can come to you!

    sexPlease parents time to read and understand the importance of how to talk to your teen about sex.

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