the importance of cover letters

Do Cover Letters Still Matter

A few days ago, my GM complimented my Cover Letter. Now, are you wondering why that is a freaking win in my book? Well, because I know he wouldn’t BS me, he wouldn’t just compliment my cover letter, and he is obviously a GM for a reason, so the fact that my little ole cover letter got approval from the boss man, is dope af! I am not going to lie to you guys I contemplated on whether or not I was going to do a cover letter; I kept asking myself, “Do cover letters still matter?” People are always asking what is the importance of cover letters.

the importance of cover letters

Then I remembered when I read Sophia Amoruso’s book, Girl Boss (I highly recommend it). She said it does and although she may not always read every cover letter, she likes when potential employees take the initiative to write one. Sophia spoke of the importance of cover letters.

So, my philosophy when it came to my cover letter (I typically ALWAYS write a cover letter) was maybe they’ll read and perhaps they won’t, but regardless the hiring manager will know that I did take time to write one and submit it with my resume and application. Regardless, I was starting to understand the importance of cover letters.


Be Yourself –

I base my style on what job I am applying for if it seems like everyone is black and white (I don’t usually apply for those positions) I keep a plain black and white cover letter (and resume). If the job requires personality, I try to have an appropriate theme.

Importance of Cover Letters

You can easily find those now on Word and on Canva! I love using Canva for basically everything.

I want my cover letter to be professional, but I want them to see my personality through my words. Kind of like I am reading to them. I don’t want them to see this bland, unseasoned potato salad type of personality, but I am a vibrant, amazing character that they need to call in for an interview.

Mention the position –

Let them know which position you’re applying for and say why you are a great candidate!

Read the job description and add in some of the words they use and incorporate them to work for YOU.

Proofread or else –

Obviously, you need to proofread! Any mistake made in your cover letter will be detrimental to your hiring process.

The hiring manager could look at your mistakes as, you cannot pay attention to detail, because how could you mess up with your only shot to grab their attention.

So, after you write out your cover letter, re-read and edit. That will help you tremendously.

Importance of Cover Letters

I take a lot of what Girl Boss says seriously because obviously, they know what they are talking about. So if you want some excellent cover letter tips from the amazing writers of Girl Boss click here.

Here are more fantastic cover letter tips here.

Now, if you are still struggling with your cover letter or you are not getting good reviews from it. It is definitely time to dissect your cover letter and figure out how to make it stand out! Another resource will be available for you here.

Finding your next career move is stressful, trust me. However, practice makes perfect, and you will find your dream job!

It all starts with the cover letter, resume, and interview process.

I wish you nothing but luck and success for your next career move! And I hope this post helps you tremendously.

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