How to Find Instagram Hashtags without Subscribing to another Email List

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FRIENDS, let’s be honest many of us want to be full-time bloggers, influencers, entrepreneurs, or social media marketers. Well, whatever our ultimate job is, we all have one thing in common, and that is learning that damn hashtag game.

Instagram Hashtags

If you are anything like me, you want to grow your Instagram because you want to gain more traffic to your blog and increase your brand awareness. I mean Instagram is an incredible platform to do this. It’s your entire life in photos. Now, that is incredible.

However, it sucks when you are trying to get more good Instagram hashtags and BOOM you find an article that says, “Instagram Hashtags that Helps Grow Engagement” or something along those lines. You click the link, and now you have to subscribe to ANOTHER email list.

Ok, as a fellow blogger, this is an incredible way to grow your email list. But, as a person just wanting to build their blog…it SUCKS! So, that is why I am here. I am going to show you all how to find Instagram hashtags without subscribing to another email list.

Create your Instagram Theme FREEBIE

I have told you guys about Tailwind so many times, as I have mentioned before it is a game changer for ALL bloggers and businesses. I’ve explained how to update older content on Pinterest. I have also explained how Pinterest is essential for bloggers.

Alright, you are probably like, “umm, Terrah, I came here to discuss Instagram…well that was the title, and you’re talking Pinterest.”

Hold your horses’ friends…I am getting there!

So, if you follow me on Instagram, you probably know I try to use at least 30 hashtags with each IG post. If you are not using at least 30 hashtags, I recommend that you do (I put mine in the comment section right after I post). Also, if you are not following me on Instagram…I recommend you do that as well. Don’t worry click here to get to my IG.

Now, if you’re an old friend of mine, hopefully, you have checked out Tailwind and you love it! Well, Tailwind is also a fantastic tool to use for Instagram!

Instagram Hashtags

I know, and I am sorry I have been holding this secret from you all. However, you CAN USE TAILWIND FOR INSTAGRAM.

Ok, so let me explain how.

  • Download the Tailwind APP in your App Store (it’s free to download).
  • Log into your Tailwind
  • Link your Instagram

Now you are connected.

Ok, now you probably want to know how to do it right?

Below is the calendar. The calendar shows you what photos you have lined up to post on your Instagram page. You can pick the time and the date…IT IS SIMPLY INCREDIBLE!

I know, and I am sorry I have been holding this secret from you all. However, you CAN USE TAILWIND FOR INSTAGRAM. Click To Tweet

**fun fact: if you forget to post the photo will be outlined in red with a red explanation point!

instagram hashtags

Okay, now that we have explained that important piece of the puzzle.

Now, let’s get into hashtags! So, when writing your IG caption on Tailwind, you will see hashtags pop up.

A cool thing about this feature is that the hashtags are color coordinated. Let me explain!

1. Niche = grey
2. Good = light green
3. Best = green
4. Competitive = tan

Above are the four colors/categories that the hashtags will appear in. Tailwind does a FANTASTIC job showing you what kind of hashtag you are using and how it will show on Instagram (ex: you’ll be seen, you’ll have competitors, niche related, etc.)

And remember you can use up to 30 hashtags!!! Another cool thing that Tailwind does for you…is count the hashtags so you know how much more until 30 or if you’ve passed 30. Freaking awesome right? You don’t have to count your hashtags manually – lol 🙌🏾

So, take a look below at my video showing you how the Instagram hashtags work.

Create your Instagram Theme FREEBIE

Now, I know this is a phenomenal tool I am telling you about, and I am super excited to share it with you guys. We all know I am a HUGE supporter of Tailwind, but it is just amazing to see that it helps with both Pinterest and Instagram.

Remember guys, social media is HUGE in today’s time and Tailwind can undoubtedly make a difference.

“You can thank me now! Go ahead thank me later yeah I know what they said.” – Drake



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