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The Ultimate Guide to Hashtags

Am I the only one that has such a love-hate relationship with Instagram? It used to be so incredible to me, well whenever everything was in chronological order. I mean, don’t get me wrong I still freaking love it, but you definitely have to play towards the algorithm to be seen now, and if you are a blogger, you know the algorithm is CONSTANTLY changing. One thing I learned from always researching how to master Instagram or taking different Instagram courses (and reading blog posts of course), is the power (and necessities) of Hashtags unless you are Kylie Jenner, Beyonce, or Jasmine Sanders…hashtags are your best friend on Instagram. Instagram hashtags will increase your engagement, and now, your post is only being seen if you have a lot of activity on your post within the first hour.

I have struggled with Instagram a lot in 2017, and I promised myself I would increase my engagement in 2018. Well, it is 2018, and I have been doing well so far. A lot of people do not realize the importance of engagement and Instagram hashtags. I did not just figure that on my own, but taking courses from Helene Sula and reading her posts have helped me improve. I also came across so many great posts on Pinterest and boy were they helpful. If you have a blog related question, I will I always recommended researching it on Pinterest. Also, I have a post for beginning bloggers on Pinterest.

instagram hashtag

Since Instagram hashtags are away to get your post seen (organically), I wanted to share some hashtags with you!

#newblogger #bloggercommunity #SundayBlogShare #MondayBlogs

#fitlife #legday #trainharderthanme #getstrong #progress

#communityovercompetition #sisterhoodovercompetition

#documentyourdays #holdyourmoments #simpleliving #mybeautifulmess #kindredmemories

Want more hashtags! Get the rest of the hashtags here!

Hopefully, these Instagram Hashtags help you all like they are still help me with my Instagram journey!

IF you need help with Pinterest, click here for a beginners guide.



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