Need to know LIFE LESSON IN 2018

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I did a poll on Instagram over which blog post you all will prefer. Well, the verdict was the life lesson I learned in 2018. Now, 2018 was a decent year, I just can’t believe it is almost over, and we are about to say HELLOOOO 2019 (and I will be 25 – tf).

Recently, I am not sure if you noticed, but I have been speaking about millennials following their dreams rather then sticking to the status quo of the generations before us.

That is something I truly realized, understood, and decided I wanted to implement. It’s ok not to follow the Status Quo and to do what makes you happy and whatever your dream job is!

My mom told me growing up a job is just-over-broke and you want to have a career. She also said to me that If you’re doing something you love…you’ll never work a day in your life and boy was she correct. That’s what a lot of people in my generation are starting to do. What makes them happy and creating their own destiny.

That is my most significant lesson in 2018. No lie, it’s hard as hell, but why would you want something if it came easy. Yes, instant gratification is cool, but have you ever thought about the overall BIGGER picture?

Listening to your heart is super important. Now, I am not saying do not make logical decisions, but I do recommend you doing what makes you happy. This past year I learned a lot, especially about my happiness and I realized I really want to have overall happiness.

I wanted this post to be straight to the point, and I hope you understand what I’m saying! Do you darling 🤷🏾‍♀️

Do what makes you happy and if it is not in the norm, so be it…who cares!

Do what makes you happy and if it is not in the norm, so be it…who cares! Click To Tweet

Comment on this blog, what lesson you’ve learned in 2018. I am eager to know!

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