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Lovingly Bold is a social place consisted of social media and blogging! A place where people come and have real conversations about lifestyle, travel and social media. Lovingly Bold started off as a blog in of October of 2017. Wendy Ramirez, the founder of Lovingly Bold wanted to start a platform with a voice where people are encouraged to live life boldly and fearlessly. She found that she, along with many people, often times hold themselves back from doing things they love due to fear. Wendy hopes that through Lovingly Bold she is able to shape that fear into courage to do everything you set your mind and heart to do. Through Lovingly Bold she encourages everyone to “join the conversation” and really have fun, encouraging and sometimes hard conversations with one another. She says, that social media offers a huge opportunity to have a voice. Why not use that voice to help with not only her mindset and growth but anyone else who could use an encouraging word.

Lovingly Bold

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One of the many things that Wendy has loved about this journey of Lovingly Bold is how she has been able to meet and connect with her following. She has done this through social media, Instagram video chat and messages. Ultimately, she says that she enjoys getting to meet everyone in person through lunch or coffee dates. Doing so is what keeps her motivated and has helped with the content creation process with the vision of Lovingly Bold. She states that there is no better feeling then actually meeting someone that you have only known through the internet and having those real conversations in person, face to face.

Lovingly Bold

If there is one piece of advice she has for people wanting to become bloggers is to stay connected with others! Never underestimate how far a positive comment can go and never feel too little to ask people questions. The learning and growth is what fuels Lovingly Bold and it is exactly what has built the foundation for the blog and social media, so ask, and keep asking until your questions are answered! As Wendy and Lovingly Bold continue to grow, she hopes to get more into video content creation! Another goal for her is to continue to meet and help more people through the power of social media!

Lovingly Bold

Check out Wendy on her blog Lovingly Bold and follow her on Instagram (I do!).


About Terrah: I am Terrah LP and I am in my 20s trying to learn and understand the exciting yet emotional ride, called life. As a college graduate who majored in Marketing, I would love to be a Social Media Influencer! It is truly my passion. I have many thoughts and opinions, so I thought to myself...why not share? About the Blog: The blog will be all of my thoughts and opinions. Even though they are thoughts and/or opinions, they are mainly factual. (hahaha) I truly hope you all enjoy the blog!


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