Millennials Not Following the Status Quo – Yenni’s Interview

Up next on the blog and on this amazing interview series is the one and only YENNIYENNIYENNI! 

I met Yenni when I was 14, we attended high school together and I can honestly say she was always a complete sweetheart (fun fact: she let me practice eye shadow on her in the locker room – lol). 

I know you all will enjoy her interview and don’t forget to check out her Instagram

I know you’re not from Texas (originally Michigan) which is why I called you Michigan in High School…so how did you adapt to Texas in your teen years?

-Yes, I moved away from my parents to Frisco, Texas when I was 13 years old right before sophomore year of high school. It was a drastic transition, but I was excited for a fresh start. Adapting to Texas wasn’t difficult. Being from a small town, I enjoyed the lifestyle of the “bigger and better” things Dallas had to offer. I’m a pretty outgoing person, so I got along with most. I made a lot of friends in choir, health science classes and the basketball team.

Typically society wants us to work a 9-5…it seems you took a different more enjoyable route. How did you do that? Why?

-I was always a bit different. I didn’t want to go the traditional route I wanted to challenge myself. I had to “grow up” at a young age, so I was very eager and hungry. I wanted to start making moves right away. So instead of finding my degree, I got my license and started my life insurance business. I took a leap of faith and believed in myself. It wasn’t easy at first, but I had it ingrained in my head that the most rewarding things in life won’t come easy.

Gym is life to you…how do you stay motivated?

-Work and personal life can be stressful. The gym is a way I can relieve stress, clear my mind, and work on myself. Working out is a way I can challenge myself while improving my physical and mental health. Look good, feel good ♻️

Do you follow a specific diet?

-Unless I’m cutting and counting macros, no I do not. I’m a bit of a foodie so I tend to eat out and drink more than I should.

What goals and plans did you set for yourself to get where you are today (especially with a management company)?

-Just to clarify, I severed ties with the former management because it wasn’t a good fit. I’m currently open to new opportunities and management, but I am taking my time this time around. My plans are to just keep going. Invest more time in goals of modeling, singing, and fitness.

How did you learn to live your best life and fck what people say?

-Life is just too damn short. Everyone will always have their opinions, but it’s your life. Stop caring so much about other’s opinions. Get it how you live. And listen to @Garyvee💜

Any advice for someone not going the traditional route?

-Don’t hold yourself back. Just believe in yourself. You’re capable of anything you put your mind to. Measure success in happiness. Don’t quit.

What is your opinion on parents or other, not understanding “millennials” and the different ways of making an income?

-There are endless possibilities. There are so many ways to be successful. The world is evolving, and traditions are changing. Optimism is essential.

What would you say to younger self?

-Invest in yourself first, not others. Love and be kind, but not naive. Don’t settle.

I’m not perfect, but I’m far from average. I’m a bit extra but I’m still pretty chill and down to earth. I’m here to make meaningful memories and spread good vibes💛💛 – Yenni

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