Millennials versus Society

“Millennials are not only America’s largest living generation (congrats), they are also America’s most hated generation. When we think about millennials, we think of a bunch of jerk-offs who have a lot of student debt and who only communicate with each other on Twitter and through memes. Millennials are the subject of endless trend pieces, on the receiving end of ire from confused politicians, and in general talked about as entitled, dumb, and largely useless” (From the Article) All of These People Are Millennials.


It is 2017, my generation, Millennials (Generation Y) are the MOST hated and honestly I do not understand why. Maybe it is because we love technology and our views may be slightly different than our parents and grandparents, but again it is 2017.

The article excerpt above is explaining what society thinks about us. We complain about student debt because it is at it’s highest now that it has ever been, naturally. The elders want us to talk more in person and over the phone. However, we do not always have time for that, so we have learned to improvise.

Not everything deserves a phone call.
They think that we are lazy. NEWS FLASH! Didn’t you all raise us? What does that actually say about you?

Let’s all take a moment to think.

So my older people…
Do you use Facebook?
Do you enjoy it?
Are you using it to promote you business or connect with friends and family?


You answered yes, didn’t you. Well, you should know Mark Zuckerberg the co-founder of this joyous social networking site is a millennial.

Weird, huh?



Malala Yousafzai, thank you for being you! She was ONLY 15, when she stood up to the radical terrorist who shot at her and for her education. Now, that she is alive and well she is an educational activist. You all remember she did this at 15 (now she is 19).

Quite truthfully, I think the older generations are upset at us millennials for having and using technology to the fullest. It helps us create, educate, and get ahead in ways that it NEVER did for our grandparents and parents. Sorry, but it is true.

Life as a millennial is not easy at all. We deal with the older generations speaking down to us. The older generations call us lazy, dumb, self-centered, etc. They are supposed to be the one’s we look up to and admire, the one’s who are meant to motivate us…hate us.

They do not understand what it is like to live during social media times. Meaning, each day we compare ourselves to the ones (rich, famous, and beautiful) online. Although, cyber bullying is at an all-time high, and it does not help when our elders do the same thing. Never judge something you don’t understand.



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Like Pat Garofalo said in his article: Millennials Aren’t the Lazy Narcissist You Think, “Far more probable is that millennials are just like those who came before them, reacting to the challenges of the modern economy in ways that are unfamiliar, but only slightly. That’s progress, not a problem.”


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