Naturally Curly Hair

The Journey of my Naturally Curly Hair

Hey everyone! I am doing something completely different today; I am talking about my naturally curly hair. I have been getting a lot of compliments on it lately and um thank you!! Maybe you have noticed (or not), but I have not been straightening my hair much lately. I have seriously started rocking my naturally curly hair.

Now, guys, I used to be so self-conscious about my naturally curly hair. I never thought it was pretty. I wished it looked like others. I didn’t understand my shrinkage. I just hated it.

Let me explain to you my naturally curly hair process from the (kind of) beginning. Junior year, I boxed dyed my hair. Biggest hair mistake of my life (remind you I have never had a perm). The color was eh and about a month later I got a weave. So, I was not taking care of my natural hair, and when I took out my weave, it was completely damaged. I had to cut it off my hair! I was mortified.

Well, I was ok with it at first, but when it was time for me just to try and wear my hair in a natural bun, it wasn’t long enough. That’s when I realized I made a huge mistake. When I noticed it did not grow over six months and it was the same way my entire senior year (granted I cut it Summer 2015), I realized there was a problem. So, let discuss the process that had to be taken for my naturally curly hair to succeed in life.

Ya Ready?

**Justin Timberlake’s voice in Sexy Back**

May 2016 

I started back with weaves. My sister put in a weave for my college graduation (I rocked it and loved it). Therefore, I was protecting my hair and my lazy self-did not have to comb it.

Summer 2016 (after the weave)

I got twists. If you are not familiar with them there is a picture below! Those were cute and were a fantastic protective hairstyle.

After my twists 

I got another weave! Now PLEASE remember with weave (if the weave is not a closure) you straighten your leave out so your hair can properly blend. That itself is damaging for those unprotected areas.

Weave #2 

Same as before

After the next weave 

Mhmm, vaguely do I remember what was next. So, I had to go through old photos. The winner is Tree Braids! Ok, so I know many of you may not know what those are exactly, which is totally fine, because I had no idea at first, lol. So click here for the photo. Tree Braids were by far my FAVORITE type of braids, and I definitely suggest it.

After my tree braids 

I got more tree braids.

After my second round of braids 

I went back to the good ole weave, this time I had an ombre and I loved it! You could not tell me anything!

Now, I explained to you all my hair journey, and I described a little over a year of protective hairstyles I wore. That was by far the best thing I’ve ever done. It honestly has helped me get to where I am today with my hair.

You are probably wondering why or how?

Remember, when you are not putting constant heat in your hair and having limited hair manipulation it is extremely healthy for you and your hair. So, for me, all the styles that I rocked in that time helped me not mess with my naturally curly hair. Therefore, it was able to thrive!!

I decided to get my regular hair (my natural hair) straightened. At first, I hated because it was not long and I had to retrain it. Well, I consistently went, and I loved it. My hair started growing, and I could see the difference (finally, right)! Since I did not wear the majority of my hair out, and it was protected my hair looked thick and healthy. I was finally happy!!

So it got me thinking! This year, I plan on having a real hair regimen. And I will tell you want I am doing and what I want to incorporate. So, I can try to grow my hair as healthy as possible.

The bullets with the *** are what I am doing (and it is not a lot).


I tried this once, and I hear a lot of people do this and get great results. I am definitely, going to try and add it to my regime whenever I wash my hair! For more information on why you should pre-poo click here!


I wash my hair once a month. You DO NOT need to wash your hair every day it does nothing but strips your hair of its natural oils, and that is damaging. So, limit your shampooing***


I wasn’t going to add this because I thought, of course, I condition! But, I decided since I am giving you a list this is valuable information. You should always condition your hair!! I always look for the conditioners that have an emphasis on moisturizing. ***


I used to do this so much! But, now I found an amazing moisturizer that keeps my hair moisturized for days, and it makes me so happy! So now, I will co-wash either once or twice a week. Here is an amazing article about Why you Should Consider Co-washing your hair!***

Leave-in Conditioner

I am not going to lie to you. I tried to go without leave-in conditioner once, and it was by far a disaster. My hair looked so dry it was gross. Now, I know my hair type does not let me skip that step. I am trying to find a new leave-in, just to try something new, but my go to is the Creme of Nature Leave-in Conditioner, with Argan Oil. I love it, so I will always have one handy. ***


I recently realized the joys and importance of moisturizing. I would try everything, and nothing would seem to work for me. It was discouraging to have dry hair. Well, I posted a snap asking about great moisturizing and people came through for me. I ended up choosing the one my best friend told me about Alikay Naturals – Shea Yogurt, and it was instant love. I highly recommend it! My hair stays moisturized for days. Isn’t that incredible?***

Deep Condition

I used to do this once a week, and I don’t know what happened…so I am going to start back deep conditioning my hair every week. More information on why you should deep condition is found here.

I hope you guys enjoy learning about my healthy hair journey and my hair regime! I would love to know yours as well, so message me or email, and we can talk natural hair!! Maybe, I’ll post more content like this! Just let me know.

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