Need to Know about College

8 Things You Need to Know about College

It is the second semester of college, and if you’re a senior you’re stressed, because well it’s senior year of college (enough said, right?). If you are not a senior, you’re still having the time of your life, because you know graduation is not right around the corner…which means adulting can wait a little bit longer! So, for college students who aren’t approaching that time of the year this is specifically for you, the 8 Things you need to know about college. Now, if you are a senior, don’t worry, I did not forget about you! Your designated article is here.

College was a thrill and one of my favorite memories. I learned so much in college, and it’s one of my missions to tell you all the need to know about college.

First let me tell you my top three favorite college moments: Uptown, Friends, Club Moffett (school library, during finals).

Maybe, one day I’ll highlight with an individual post regarding those moments. Sometimes, I think to myself if ONLY I could go back for a day. Until then…

Need to Know about College

8 Things You Need to Know about College

Don’t Wait until the last Minute to Choose your Classes

you will be so dissatisfied with your selection if you wait. Think about it, in college, they fill the courses on a first come first serve basis. When you schedule your classes early, you are more than likely to get the classes you initially chose and hey maybe you will get a friend in there.

If your class is full (because of the last minute situation) you may have to settle for the 5:30 class and trust me, nobody wants that torture.

Need to Know about College

Meet with your Professors

like mentioned in college survival guide, you are just another number to your professors, so why not make them know your name! I will not act like I was perfect in college, but the majority of my professors knew my name, and I’ve been to some office hours (trust me I dreaded office hours).

It is so important to have a good relationship with your educators, let them know you are putting in the effort because when you need them, they are most likely to be there.


Rate my Professor

I feel every college student knows about this website. This is where you get the scoop on all of the professors! The students grade them! Crazy, right? I’ve had to look up some profs, and at times I had to take them anyway, but I knew what to expect.

Students will tell you if they read off of a powerpoint, lecture, talk to you, give you a ton of quizzes and more.

My advice, before you turn in your final scheduling slip, go on Rate my Professor and conduct some research (you’ll thank me later). That my friend is definitely a need to know about college.


Freshman 15 can be Real

I gained 40 pounds in college, although I am happy, not everyone feels that way about gaining weight.

If you are going away to school, you have to remember that you are no longer living with mom and dad, which means less home cooked meals (unless you’re on campus living situation has a kitchen), adjusting to a new schedule, partying, and not utilizing the gym.

You will say you will work out, but that nap after your 8 AM is calling your name. Trust me.

I encourage you to try and eat healthy, at least twice a day and workout! Even if it is just walking around the track, everything counts! Honestly, I feel that is one of the most need to know about college topics. Health is important.

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college kids nap a lot (well some), and some do not nap at all. Well, I am here to tell you, no, to stress the importance of GETTING REST. Your body needs to take a break sometimes; it is the only way it will truly function.

There are many times you are going to stay up late cramming for a midterm, writing an essay, practicing a presentation, working, or partying. Just try not to make it every night and try to dedicate some time to getting rest.

Your body works better with rest.


is your Best friend in college because you will randomly become broke.

Anytime there was something free on campus; all the kids ran to it! Even if it was just a t-shirt…life gets hard friends. Something you really need to know about college is saving up now.

Here is an article on college freebies.

Be careful who you call friends

This one is a little self-explanatory. College is the in-between stage of childhood and adulthood. The difference is you are not a kid, and you can go to school with real adults.

You know, I am going to do a post about this in the future.

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