Pinterest Guide for Beginning Bloggers

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Many of you all know, what Pinterest is. But, if you do not here is the Wikipedia definition, ‘Pinterest is a web and mobile application company that operates a software system designed to discover information on the World Wide Web, mainly using images and on a shorter scale, GIFs and videos.’ At this very moment, I am on an incredible journey with Pinterest. I started tweaking, organizing, and updating my Pinterest after months of not taking it seriously. To be honest with you, I did not think I needed Pinterest to grow my blog. I thought to myself, ( yes, VERY successful bloggers are promoting Pinterest, but I could be successful without it) I could make it without Pinterest. It is funny because about six months later I am writing to you are a Pinterest Guide for Beginning Bloggers. Ironic, right?
Pinterest Guide for Beginning Bloggers
Pinterest is something I now spend time on. I made sure to follow certain steps to be successful on Pinterest. With the guidance of incredible bloggers, I learned how to make Pinterest work for me. It was like Kallie, and Cathy wrote a Pinterest Guide for Beginning Bloggers specifically for ME! That is when and how I learned the most about Pinterest. All I needed was a detailed outline.

So, let’s do it! Let’s discuss this Pinterest Guide for Beginning Bloggers. Everything you’ll need and everything you will want to do.


So, let's do it! Let's discuss this Pinterest Guide for Beginning Bloggers. Everything you'll need and everything you will want to do. Click To Tweet


First things first, change your Pinterest account to a Business Account. It id completely free, don’t worry! To get started with the transition click on settings and account. I promise you, changing your Pinterest profile to a Business Account will change your Pinterest world FOREVER and it will be a positive change.


Of course you are going to link your blog to Pinterest, because you are trying to drive more traffic to your website! That is the WHOLE point of this – lol.
Website exposure!!
Pinterest Guide for Beginning Bloggers
On Pinterest, you will go where it says, “Claim Website.” From there you will find the key to success. (also known as
After claiming your website, you will need to verify it.
Pinterest Guide for Beginning Bloggers
As shown in the screenshot above, claiming your website on Pinterest can do wonders for your blog. From there you can find website Analytics. Feature logo, early access to tools, and track who came to your site from Pinterest.
Pinterest Guide for Beginning Bloggers
One of my favorite parts, minus the website tracker is seeing my average daily impressions and viewers. It is fantastic to see how many people I can reach through Pinterest alone!


 Pinterest Guide for Beginning Bloggers
Hopefully, you can tell from the image above, the difference between the two Pins. The pin on the left is an ordinary pin, but it does not have as much information as the pin on the right. The pin on the right has whats called a Rich Pin, and it gives the pin more additional details retaining to the pin.
Since rich pins are an enhanced version of regular pins that will perform better in searches.
Lead Quizzes says “Rich Pins are a type of Pin that includes extra information or buttons that encourage some sort of action to be performed. There are currently 6 types: product, place, app, article, recipe and movie. You’ll probably notice that these are conveniently some of the most popular types of posts on Pinterest – that’s the point. Using Rich Pins, you can create native advertisements that are specifically designed to facilitate a specific action.”
You do not need to be a top brand, have a certain number of followers on Pinterest, or anything of that nature. Just do what is mentioned above, and verify your site!
Afterwards, you enable rich pins, and you are all set!


Your name should represent you and your blog! You want it to be recognizable. So, on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and your blog your name should be consistent with one another.
Your name should be your name. Or the name you go by in the Social Media/Blogging world.
At first, my name on Pinterest was imterrah. Before I started blogging, I had all of my social media accounts under the same username. Since then, I have changed my name to (my actual name) Terrah LP, and my @usernames are imterrah. So, on Instagram, it’ll be, Facebook it is, and Pinterest is See how everything is consistent? You want your followers/readers to know how to find you, and it is completely easy!
So, now on Pinterest, my name is Terrah LP | LifeStyle Blogger. It is the same on Instagram for two reasons. 1) consistency and 2) If someone looks up LifeStyle Blogger I could pop up in their search.


Your bio is essential! You do not go to someone’s profile and see their bio that says, “My name is Sandra, and I love cats!” Then instantly decide you want to follow them or even check out their boards.
You want to give your audience a little summary of what you do and what to expect.
I will share some below:
Pinterest Guide for Beginning Bloggers
Pinterest Guide for Beginning Bloggers
Pinterest Guide for Beginning Bloggers
With these bios, you know what we are all about!


This is ONLY important if you want people to pin your items!
So, it is important and recommended. My favorite way to make pinnable images is through Canva, because it is super easy, and I truly love it.
Use it! Use it! Use it!


Now, you have your name, bio, and pinnable images. It is time to understand descriptions.
Every pin should have a description and not just a blank spot. You want the people viewing your pins to get an understanding of what the pin is about. Your description could be the reason that they go to your website. So, let’s call it a summary!
Your pin description is a summary of what your post will be about.


You do not want to be inconsistent on Pinterest. Trust me, I know from experience. I stopped pinning because I was super busy with work and life, and I saw a dramatic decline in my Pinterest Analytics.
You need to Pin every day! And not just one or two pins a day. I suggest 20+ pins a day, especially for beginning bloggers. I pin about 50+ pins a day, but that is just me!
If you are pinning throughout the day, people will see your pins, and that can drive traffic to your website.
Consistent posting is a Pinterest guide for beginning bloggers.


You’ve probably heard or figured out the importance of Pinterest groups! I feel Pinterest groups are not easy to join, but they aren’t hard either. Make sure when joining Pinterest boards you are finding the group that fits you! Not all groups are good groups to join, especially if it has nothing to do with your niches.
By joining Pinterest groups your pin will be seen by a wide range of people (who are in the group) and possibly more if they re-pin. It is another way of getting to a wider audience!


 ***this post contains affiliate links***
Last but not least Tailwind on the Pinterest Guide for Beginning Bloggers.
I finally jumped on the Tailwind ship. At first, I did not want to use it. I did not want to pay for it, so I kept telling myself I will manually pin, and I just couldn’t do it. I didn’t have time! So, I finally got Tailwind and oh my gosh, it is a lifesaver, and my stats on Pinterest have done nothing but increase drastically, and it has been less than a month.
Pinterest Guide for Beginning Bloggers
If you do not know what Tailwind is, here it goes: It is a website you can go to schedule on Pinterest (and now Instagram). With Tailwind you can schedule multiple boards, check your stats, and join Tribes!
Tailwind Tribes are incredible for the fact they are kind of like Pinterest Groups but on Tailwind! You can find other’s pins and post on Tribes where you pins can get a ton of views and the possible chance of getting re-pinned!
One of my favorite thing about Tailwind is the scheduler. I’ll show you a little snapshot.
Pinterest Guide for Beginning Bloggers
You can plan your weekly schedule on Tailwind and they tell you the times that are most popular for you to pin. The times that are outlined in green You can plan your weekly schedule on Tailwind, and they tell you the times that are most popular for you to pin. The times that are outlined in green are suggested times and the green time slots are the suggested times that I selected! Isn’t that incredible?! This is definitely something needed for the Pinterest Guide for Beginning Bloggers.

Try Tailwind for yourself! And for free! Click here.

Don’t worry! I will go into further detail regarding Tailwind in a future post. 

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite


I hope you all enjoyed this Pinterest Guide for Beginning Bloggers! Pinterest is essential for a blogger and it is hard to figure out at first, but once you do it is super easy!
Until next time if you are worried about SEO or need some tips click here.
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