Pinterest is Essential for Bloggers

So, when I first got my Pinterest account, I think I was in high school. Actually, I am 75% sure I was in high school. I used to see fashion ideas and saved them; I never looked at Pinterest as being something to apply for a business or blog. Granted back then I never thought I would blog. Pinterest was something people were on and did not really utilize it the way I am going to explain to you today. In 2018, I want you to know…Pinterest is essential for bloggers.

I mentioned this before, but I thought other bloggers were bs(ing) me when they would always talk about Pinterest this and Pinterest that. In my head, I wasn’t going to utilize Pinterest because I was unaware of how they wanted it to be used. Eventually, I realized I was wrong. Completely wrong and I invested in courses and read blog posts on how to truly succeed on Pinterest.

Posts that helped me: PINTEREST HACKS EVERY BLOGGER SHOULD KNOW TO INCREASE TRAFFIC and 3 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website with Pinterest

Honestly, taking Pinterest seriously was one of the best things that I could have done to help my blog grow. So, yes I am glad that I finally made the time to study and learn Pinterest because Pinterest is essential for bloggers and their growth.

As you all may know, I talk about Pinterest frequently. Well, that is because I know it will help you all and your blog’s success and it’s free help! So continue to read my friends per usual, I am always here to assist.

pinterest is essential

3 Reasons why Pinterest is Essential for Bloggers


You have to understand pins last forever. The only way a pin dies is if Pinterest because obsolete and honestly, I don’t see that happening anytime soon. You know the saying, “Once it’s on the internet. It’s there forever.” Well, that is exactly how it is on Pinterest. Exactly.

Once you pin something, it can rotate around the site for years, and it is continuously helping you get traffic.

So, if you did not know (you do because everyone has a Pinterest account), you can save pins and click directly to the site where the pin comes from. Saving pins are AMAZING! I think it is such a great idea and if you did not know, on Pinterest, you could save your pins in categories.

One of my favorite things about Pinterest (Business Account especially) is the analytics. I find them to be incredible and some of the best analytics within a social media site.

I do have some excellent Pinterest help posts that I recommend reading! I promise it will help you, give it a shot and get started growing your blog!


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Discover New Posts

We have all done this, but in the beginning, we never really realized how Pinterest is essential for bloggers. Honestly, did we even think of becoming bloggers back then?

Honestly, I look up any and everything on Pinterest. I love looking up outfits, office ideas, home decor, and everything else. This past year I look for information on blogs like Pinterest, Social Media, SEO all on Pinterest.

I am telling you Pinterest is fantastic and discovering new pins is incredible. Do you now believe Pinterest is essential for bloggers?

Google Searches

This is something I actually noticed recently…

When you google something, they will give you Pinterest results!! WTH, I know.

So not only will you get searches from Pinterest directly, but also through google and it will instantly take them to your pin and then your voice.

pinterest is essential

Friends, Pinterest is essential for bloggers, and I hope you agree! It can truly help increase your traffic if used correctly.




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