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Top 5 Places to Visit in the USA

I told myself this year that I am going to travel! I have to travel, I am freaking young, single, and not with kids, so that means I need to live my best life while I can. Of course, I want to travel the world because let’s face it the world is incredible! However, I definitely have a ton of place I need to travel to that are in the USA! There are many places to visit in the USA, and I am going to share with you my top 5.

If you think of more awesome places or if you’ve been to some of these places comment and let me know!

My Top 5 Places to

Places to visit in the USA


Yes, I am a Cali Girl, but I’ve NEVER been to Northern California. It is kind of a separate state than Southern California, well to me – lol.

Yes, I am a Cali Girl, but I've NEVER been to Northern California. It is kind of a separate state than Southern California, well to me - lol. Click To Tweet

I think watching Full House as a kid made me want to visit NoCal. Who knows? 🤷🏾‍♀️

The Golden Gate Bridge is a place I have to see and take a picture of (with me in it). Anytime you see that bridge you know what bridge it is; it is legendary!

Plus I hear San Francisco has the largest China Town in the country! That’s insane!

There is also the DE YOUNG MUSEUM that I have to check out whenever I visit, I’ve wanted to go to a museum for a while now, and that one seems perfect.

Did I miss anything? Probably so…

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I think a majority of people want to visit New York one day even if they are not from the USA. If you think about it, NYC is a great place to visit in the USA.

However, I do not just want to do New York City, but also Brooklyn (gotta check out the FAMOUS Dumbo) and there is also Manhattan.

I’ll probably need to be there for a minute to check out everything New York has to offer. As an American, I have to see the Statue of Liberty (in real life), so of course, that’s on the list.


Don’t judge, I know Central Park is a well-known park in the USA, and a lot of people put that on their places to visit in the USA list, but I want to visit Central Park, because of FRIENDS – lol.

A must do, take a photo of the fantastic, famous Time Square!

Are any New Yorkers reading this? Did I miss something?



I gotta check out the 305! I’ve been to Florida twice, but I’ve always been to Orlando never Miami. Therefore, it is a must in my visit in the USA checklist.

My plans for Miami, honestly, is to relax, hang out at the beach and…the Museum of Ice Cream!

I do not want to drink and club all day every day; it’s just not my style.

visit in the USA


I mean who doesn’t want to visit the Big Easy! I’ve never met a person who excluded New Orleans off of their places to visit in the USA list. It’s unheard of.

Gotta check out Bourbon Street, duh!

Honestly, all I want to do in NOLA is go to Bourbon Street and eat some good food.

I know that’s not a lot but, what can I say? 🙃



Washington DC is the countries capital, so I need to see it.

I think a lot of people want to see the country’s capital and it is on their places to visit in the USA list. Maybe I’ll see the Obamas – lol (probably not).

Don’t judge, but seeing the White House isn’t on the top of my list. I can’t explain why…it just isn’t.

However, seeing the Lincoln Memorial and the National Mall is something I would love to visit while in D.C. Granted they are in the same area…

I’ll love to see where Martin Luther King Jr. had his famous “I had a Dream” speech. That is an incredible part of history that I wish schools would teach more of.

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Ok friends, those are my top 5 places I’d love to visit in the USA! I hope you enjoyed the post and tell me if there are more excellent places that I forgot about.


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