How to Prepare for your Webinar

I completed my first webinar! WOW WOW WOW – I am so excited that I was able to teach such fantastic boss babes about social marketing. You must be able to prepare for your webinar correctly for it to become successful. 

I won’t lie to you. I was so excited, but I got more nervous when the time came! I did not want to seem like a fraud or incompetent. I was worried about what if they ask me questions, and I do not know the answer…

Today, I am so excited to say my webinar was beyond successful! 

When you prepare for your webinar, not only does it help you look (professional), YOU will feel more confident and trust me that displays on camera. 

Many of you all are Social Boss Babes and will probably host or partake in a webinar soon. So, friends, I am sharing with you the process I had during this amazing opportunity.

Prepare for Webinar

How the Offer was Presented 

One day I said to myself – I need to start checking my message request on Facebook. It is something that I used NEVER to do. 

So now that I am continually checking my message request on a more regular basis, I see different opportunities! 

It was one lovely day in November. I received a message, and it was about being in a webinar! 

 Friends, I was beyond excited – honestly, I was like who me? 


Honestly, it was a dream come true. 

I asked more about the audience and expectations, and we set a date!

My Nerves

As I stated, I was so NERVOUS. 

  • What if I looked crazy? 
  • What if I messed up?
  • It’s Live, what if I look weird on camera?
  • Wait – what if no one cares?

I had all of these WHAT IF(s) and was being my worst enemy. 

Once I realized what a horrible mindset I adapted – I snapped out of it. 

Why I Chose those Topics

I was able to choose my own topics! 

YAY – which is excellent. 

So, I thought long and hard about this and decided to choose Pinterest and LinkedIn. 

It was my goal to NOT talk about Instagram solely because EVERYONE already speaks about the platform. 

In my honest opinion, I think that when people hear “social media,” they instantly think about Instagram. 

Market Research shows that it is true (according to my research). 

I knew that both LinkedIn and Pinterest are essential for business owners. However, I knew for sure Pinterest is underutilized, and people do not know the benefits of LinkedIn. 

How to Prepare for your Webinar (how I did it)

So, at first – I knew my topics (LinkedIn and Pinterest). I would randomly think about what I’ll talk about throughout the shower. 

Then I wrote it out in bullet form and then just practiced talking it through (and timing myself). 

Literally, the day before, I realized…I did not want them just to be staring at me the ENTIRE time during this webinar. 

So, I created an on-brand powerpoint. My powerpoint had my brand colors, beautiful stock photography, and bullet points. 

Not only did – I look prepared with a powerpoint presentation, but the audience was able to visually see the notes/points that I was talking about. 

Social Boss Babes, I had such a fantastic webinar. I felt great, confident, and amazing to educate others! 

If you are about to prepare for your webinar, please properly prepare. 

The pro(s) of being invited to a webinar are:

  • educating others
  • reaching a new audience
  • (possibly) promoting your own content/products/services

It was such a blast; I cannot wait to do another! 

Let’s Elevate Social Boss Babes! 


Prepare for your Webinar
"Thank you Terrah for the wonderful webinar on Pinterest and LinkedIn Social Marketing. I learned alot and feel better prepared to market myself on those platforms ❤️"
LaToya Glenn
Virtual Business Support Manager
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