How to Promote a Product being an Influencer

Every influencer may have the goal of monetizing, creating sponsored content or getting “free” things. However, not all money and all “free” products are good. Today we are going to talk about how to promote a product being an influencer, the dos and the don’ts, the whys and the why, and the good and bad.

We always see Gymshark athletes on Instagram, posing in their workout attire and that my friend is PROMOTING a product. The key way that athletes promote Gymshark clothes is simply posting themselves wearing it and trust that is an excellent way of advertising.

promote a product

One thing influencers have to understand and are whenever a company, program, or organization comes to you; you DO NOT always have to say yes, especially, if they do not fit your brand and/or aesthetic.

One thing influencers have to understand and are whenever a company, program, or organization comes to you; you DO NOT always have to say yes, especially, if they do not fit your brand and/or aesthetic. Click To Tweet

How to Promote a Product being an Influencer


Do you know the product?

This company just emailed you about being an ambassador or posting a photo on your Instagram using (or with) the product. However, don’t just say yes, because you are super excited that a company has reached out to you.

I think every beginning blogger, youtuber, or any social media influencer gets excited when that first company emails them about sponsored content. Trust me that is totally understandable, you feel like you’re finally making it and you are, but let’s do it the right way. You have to promote a product that fits your brand.

If someone reaches out to you (an unknown brand) do your research first. Before I agree to do anything I always google the business, check out their website, social media, and their reviews. I ALWAYS recommend conducting your own research before agreeing to promote a product.

Would you use the product?

Let’s be honest, would you use this product? If you would not actually use the product, why promote a product? Doesn’t make sense…

Basically, at that point, all you are doing is lying to your audience and trying to make them purchase something you don’t like or believe in, and when your audience no longer trusts you, they will definitely not support you.

With that being said…if you wouldn’t use it yourself or don’t believe in it, don’t promote a product you don’t like.


Does it fit your brand?

When I first started getting emails from businesses wanting me to promote their product, I was really naïve in many areas. However, I quickly realized what I wanted. For example, I knew I didn’t want to promote a product that didn’t make sense to my brand, and I was my brand.

I would (and I still do) get inquiries from jewelry businesses. If you know me, you know I don’t do jewelry and if I do its pretty basic. So of course, I didn’t and still don’t feel comfortable to promote a product that just doesn’t fit me and, yes brand.

I highly suggest you don’t either…

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It’s a business, not a charity

So you are maybe wondering what I mean…well being an influencer is a job! Trust me!

In the beginning, I didn’t mind doing stuff for the experience, but I’ve grown so much with Social media and multitask blog that now I am treating it as a business. I take time to figure out how to take my photos, product placement, and editing. I plan on improving my photos drastically this year.

promote a product

However, I am still worthy of compensation for my work. My hard work in efforts for creating an image and a catchy caption or blog post is essential for the company.

Know that when you are in the excellent situation to promote a product for a business, you have to negotiate your price. Show them you are worthy!

You may hear/read a lot of bloggers talking about a media kit. I have one, and it has taken me months to create my favorite media kit, but I had help from Cathy from The Content Bug.

If you need help creating a media kit, contact me at!

In that media kit, I list some prices, but you DO NOT have to, remember your media kit is a representation of you.

You can have an exchange for a free product as payment, or actual payment as payment. I personally don’t really like a discount off especially if the cut is not even 50%, but do whatever you feel comfortable doing!

My advice is to know your worth!

promote a product

I hope you all enjoyed my How to Promote a Product being an Influencer posts. Since the beginning, I’ve told you guys I want to share with you all everything I learn while I am on my blog journey, so I hope you enjoy these posts 😆

Comment below and tell me what else you want to see on the blog!


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