How to Pursue your Ambitions in Life

What’s up, Friends! I hope you had an amazing week and it was super productive! Today, I am bringing to you all a post about how to pursue your ambitions in life.

Life ambitions are absolutely necessary, and you want to make sure you are working towards your career goals, relationship goals, personal goals, and overall life goals.

Before you read about how to pursue your ambitions in life, click here and here to read my recent two favorite blog post about the biggest challenges you struggle with as a blogger and building online relationships. I hope you enjoy it!

Don’t worry! If you are confused or unsure, that does not mean this post is not for you because it is dealing with life ambitions. It just means this is an outline or a starter to get you through figuring out how to pursue your life ambitions in life. So please feel free to continue reading and my goal is that you benefit from this!

Pursue your Ambitions in Life

Write Your Goals /  Vision Board

I find this to be super important, and at times, it is the most neglected. There is an article on Medium that elaborates on the four benefits of goal setting: serves as a reminder, it’s a way of bringing your vision into reality, it can be used as a way of tracking your progress, and it helps you filter opportunities.

Ok, so now that you read the benefits of writing down your goals, I do not want you to think “writing” is the only way you can express your goals. Vision Boards are equally as amazing and (to me) it is more creative!

Goal setting is probably a no brainer, however, like I mentioned it is such a natural step to miss, and I want you all to understand how to pursue your ambitions in life honestly.

Mentorship / Networking

I know for all of my introverts reading this you are probably thinking to yourself…”No!!” Trust me, I’ve been there, and sometimes I still am.

A lot of people do not realize this about me, but I am truly an introvert, and being outgoing is something that I learned how to do (lol). One thing I’ve noticed while adulting is that networking is a way that you can become successful. It is not always solely based on what you know, but who you know.

At times, I feel like I was late to this game, but hey – better late than never!

I am constantly connecting with new bloggers daily because networking is KEY even in our industry! One thing I am also interested in because I think it will be so beneficial is having a coach/mentor. Someone who has been in the game and can help guide me in the right direction.

Friends, you should know that no matter what industry you are in, you can always find a life coach, business coach, or mentor to help you along the way. Just make sure it is a great fit!

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Hard Work

Hard work pays off! We all know this to be true and always remember “present pain future happiness.” That’s what my mama tells me! To pursue your ambitions in life, you are going to have to put in the work. You can want something all you want, but if you do not put in the work to get, I am sorry my friend, it won’t happen.

Don’t get me wrong, it is going to be hard, and some days you may question if your dream will ever come true, but IT WILL! You need to have faith and put in the work, and best believe your time will come!


Do you know what the definition of positivity is?

“the practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude.”

We are our toughest critics at times, and in the age of social media, we are constantly comparing ourselves to others that we see on the gram and IRL.

However, one thing we need to remember about social media, people typically share the good, and the photos are edited. IT IS NOT REALITY (half of the time).

So, instead of wishing you had the life of someone else, use the people you admire for as your motivation to get there.

Trust me, remaining positive and changing your attitude is another valuable step to help you pursue your ambitions in life.

Pursue your Ambitions in Life

How to Pursue your Ambitions in Life

I hope you found this post helpful and I hope you implement at least some of the things that we discussed! Remember, to write down your goals, network, hard work, and positivity is truly the key to your success.

Now friends, do me a favor. On a separate peace of paper, write down your goals. After you write down your goals, find at least three people that you want to connect with this month (or next month). Now write down five positives things about yourself.

Keep this paper and reflect when necessary!

If I am someone you want to connect with (I am entirely honored if I am)! Email me or shoot me a DM on IG @imterrah

See you guys later!


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