Secret on how to Show up on Instagram without Posting Everyday

Is it just me, or am I the ONLY one who does not have time to post on Instagram every single day? It is hard to figure out how to show up on Instagram without posting every day. However, ya girl got the secret. 

What is the secret you ask…

Keep reading, and you’ll find out! 

show up on instagram

So, I am not going to front and act like I’ve always just had Instagram down or that I don’t still get frustrated with the platform. I do! 

There are so many times I didn’t feel like posting another photo. Honestly y’all, I did not know how to deliver content to you guys every single day. It was impossible in my world. 

So, yeah…I went MIA at times. So, nope, I was not growing online. However, I was trying to grow my business.

Doesn’t make sense at ALL.

Then I found out how to show up on Instagram. It was the secret I’ve been missing.

I am going to get straight to it friends. Short and to the point.

Ways to Show Up on Instagram (without posting every day)

  1. Schedule your Content in advance
  2. Engage (be Social)
  3. Utilize IG Stories

Schedule your Content in Advance

I cannot stress this ENOUGH.


Because it is so essential, you know you cannot grow your blog or business without knowing (or doing) to show up on Instagram.


For me, once I started scheduling my content and knowing what and when I was going to post made me show up on Instagram without stress.

Now, I schedule about 3 times a week (and sometimes 2), but I always make an IGTV video on Wednesdays and have a #tipthursday every Thursday.


Basically, I am never overwhelmed now.

Engage (be social)

I know I said this before whether it was on Instagram or my website.

YOU NEED TO SHOW UP ON INSTAGRAM by engaging! Yes, it is a social networking platform, so let’s get social.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you engaging on other posts?
  2. Do you like or really engage by commenting?
  3. Are you letting people know when their post impacted you by DMing them?
  4. Are you using hashtags?

Those questions above are so many ways that you can be social on Instagram and another way to show up on Instagram without posting on Instagram.

Utilize your IG Stories

You need to show up on Instagram stories every day. I promise you it is not too much – lol.

No, you do not need to be all dolled up, I am on Instagram stories without makeup 90% of the time. I show up as the REAL ME. And I am unapologetic about it.

You do not need to post on a photo every day, but I highly recommend you are showing up in your stories all the time. Whether you are providing tips, giving BTS, or something, but yes, show up via stories!

Whenever I see a fellow entrepreneur who is seeking engagement on their stories, whether it is asking a question, wanting to know their follower’s opinions, a poll, or even if I like what they are saying I respond in their DM to form that connection!

Don’t only post on your Instagram stories, but respond to other stories as well.

Remember to be SOCIAL on SOCIAL MEDIA!

show up on instagram

Friends, now you know the secret and guess what – I want you to use this information!

INSTAGRAM can be time-consuming, and it can seem like a whole lot of work, and at times, we do not always wang to show up on Instagram. However, it can all be so easy by following the tips above.

If you forgot I do have Social Media Services, and I love helping my clients learn how to implement a great strategy on their Instagram Account. Click here for more information.

Let’s Elevate your Business!

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