Not Following the Status Quo as a Millennial

Friends…I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. At times, I feel like I took the wrong path and didn’t really stay true to what I wanted. When I was younger I planned on being an entrepreneur and have my own marketing firm, but after college, I hate to say this, but I did give up on myself a bit. If I could go back in time, I would tell myself it is ok not following the Status Quo as a Millennial; you just need to work hard.

Now at the age of 24, I realize what I want to do and what I need to, and that is live out my dream as an entrepreneur. I hope to be a full-time blogger, no I WILL be a full-time blogger, and that is what my future holds for me. More and more each day I realize, many older people do not fully grasp the concept of an influencer or that are jobs that require social media assistance, freelancing or that blogging can be monetized to your a full-time job. Just because they do not understand that does not mean that I should change my goal to match society’s expectations. So, like the title says you do not need to follow the Status Quo as a Millennial. That is what I wish I knew.

status quo as a millennial

“Millennial” Jobs that do not fit the status quo:

Youtuber – as probably everyone knows you can make a vast fortune on Youtube. A lot of people have learned how to monetize their youtube throughout the years. Many of our favorite YouTubers started with the camera on their smartphone.

Below is successful
YouTuber, Raven Elyse, and she shares How to Start a Successful Youtube Channel.

Another excellent video (by Raven) is How I Started Making Money Full Time on Youtube

Instagram Model (Influencer) – this one is truly what it sounds. People get money, popularity, sponsorships for being an Instagram Model. Now, I searched online to find an accurate definition of Instagram Model for you all, and I felt the best representation is, “An Instagram model could be anyone that posts pictures of themselves to their account and they just call themselves models. If the pictures aren’t for a brand campaign or sponsored they’re just flexing for Instagram for now…

If the pictures you post are good and gain traction, you could build a large following. Then the right person or people may see it and it can lead to you getting sponsors and doing shoots for brands.

I’d also like to note now there is a fine line between modeling and influencing on Instagram. If you’re working with brands it’s pretty much the same thing.” – Kabrina

I shared that because we could all aspire to be Instagram Models, great photos awesome fashion, try to increase our engagement and reach out to clothing lines to model their product on our feed. Don’t get me wrong being an Instagram Model is not easy and it does include a lot of work because you cannot forget that now you are your brand and what you wear, how you look, it all matters.

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Blogger – my favorite is this one right here, and I am probably biased. I love blogging, and if you have been with me from the beginning, you know why I started blogging. At first, I was not aware that you could make money from it, but once I realize I can make money doing something I loved I was like wtf, I need to figure out how this works really.

I am not going to lie; it is hard. And I am ALWAYS learning something, but this year (2018) I have made money from my blog. No lie, it is an incredible feeling! Now, I am wanting to take it to the next level, by increasing my email list and selling products and services.

I feel that blogging can open the doors to so many different fields!

Freelancer – this is something many bloggers do as well! Also, many people who just Freelance do this full-time and make great money off of it.

An awesome website that a lot of Freelancers use (I just posted a service on there) is Fiverr. On Fiverr, you can post your services on there, descriptions, and more. If you are a freelancer, I recommend using it because you CAN reach an audience you did not even think of.

Status Quo as a Millennial

Web Designer – Honestly, I know nothing about web design, but hey it’s an option. Here is a definition of it though: The term web design is normally used to describe the design process relating to the front-end (client side) design of a website including writing mark up

Product Design – create a new product to be sold by a business to its customers. Many bloggers and freelancers do this as well

Coaching – many bloggers offer these services. You can be any coach. Life coach, business coach, blogging coach, motivational coach…you get my drift.

**and the list continues the sky is truly the limit**

All the jobs that I have mentioned may not feel like the norm to the older generation, and I can promise some of them will not approve, but do WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY.

Not following the status quo as a millennial is ok as long as you are doing what you love, and you’re happy.

I am writing this to say…DO WHAT YOU LOVE. FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS.

status quo as a millennial

Even if your mom or dad (or whoever does not understand your goal) does not believe in your dream or say it is not a real job, do not give up. You do not have to work a 9-5, work for a corporation, or have a boss. YOU CAN BE YOUR OWN BOSS!

I will have a fantastic series for you all in December I will be presenting, millennials that are not following the status quo.





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