top 10 tv shows

My Top 10 TV Shows

I am a firm believer of watching television. It is a great way to relax (reading is too) and escaping reality (that’s if you are not watching the news…). Now, this does not mean you forget all your responsibilities and become a couch potato. All I want to do with this post is share with you guys some of my top 10 tv shows. Maybe you’ll agree, or perhaps you’ll say really Terrah?

IT will be fun to see you guy’s opinion!

top 10 tv shows

My Top 10 TV Shows

Criminal Minds

Friends, I have been watching this show since I was in elementary I believe, and yes, I still love it. I think the only sad part about this show is that Derrick Morgan and Aaron Hotchner are no longer apart of the team (or in the show).

If you know me (even a tad), you should have known I will put this on the list. The concept of family is greatly displayed in this show, and they always catch the bad guy!!

Over the many years of watching this show, I have learned to study human behavior. Now, when I say study human behavior, I am not referring to taking a specific class or online courses breaking down the science of human behavior. What I am actually talking about is paying close attention (IRL) to the people around me, their movements, their mannerism, their word choice, and I think you get the drift.

I am more alert to my surrounds especially in unfamiliar areas because let’s face it anything can happen. We just pray that it doesn’t.

Criminal Minds is absolutely one of my favorite tv shows (and has been for years), so of course, it made the top 10 tv shows list.

The Office

Ok, now The Office come on it is a CLASSIC! I am constantly re-watching these episodes because it is utterly amusing.

I am not going to lie to you I only re-watch from after Jim and Pam are together to when Michael Scott leaves. Jim and Pam have such great chemistry it feels wrong to watch the show without them sparking their romance. As for Michael, it was fine without him on the show, but…I did not like it as much.

The Office made my top 10 tv shows because regardless of the mood I am in, the show always knows how to turn my current mood around. Who doesn’t love Dwight, am I right?

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Also, I wrote a post a while back and mentioned The Office, so you know the love I have for this show is REAL! Click here to read it!

Parks and Recreation

Have you seen this show? Initially, I did not want to watch this. I thought it would be a knock-off version of The Office.

Yes, this show is similar because they are co-workers in the workspace, talking to the camera at times. However, the storylines are completely different and so are the characters.

I found myself having great enjoyment from this show, and I was so sad when it ended!

Will & Grace

Hopefully, if you watched Will & Grace in the 90s. I get you were extremely young back then, but I am talking about you’ve seen the episodes from the 90s the originals.

That show is by far amazing, hilarious, and a need to watch show!

Let’s talk my favorite characters in order: Will, Karen, and Jack. Yes, I know I did not mention Grace. Grace is so annoying to me!! However, I still love her on the show (of course) it would not be the same without her, but she still annoys me.

The characters that will definitely make you laugh the most is Jack and Karen, and their relationship is the absolute perfect duo.

I love how they moved the show along with the times and made it relevant to today and the world issues that are currently occurring! There are only a few shows that can end and reboot YEARS later and still be a hit and of course Will & Grace is that show.

Obviously, it is a part of my top 10 tv shows.

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Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon Ramsey is a doll! Haha – I absolutely enjoy Kitchen Nightmares. It really makes you pay attention to the restaurants you eat at and the importance of cleaning. I think my favorite thing about Chef Ramsey is his brutal honesty. People should not take it personally it is strictly business (from his angel), you called for HIS help.

The funniest thing about this show is when people honestly think their food is not disgusting. I think that is absolutely ridiculous…you’re losing business, so obviously, something is not right here.

If you have a sensitive stomach, do not watch this show, because there is a possibility you won’t be able to take it, but I do recommend checking it out! I’ve seen every episode of the US version.

A Different World

“I know my parents loved me. Stand behind me come what may (hmm). I know now that I’m ready, yeah. For I finally heard them say. It’s a different world (ooh ooh). Than where ya come from.” – Aretha Franklin (A Different World Theme Song)

A Different World is by far a show that I have seen EVERY EPISODE of, and I always find myself re-watching. Yes, this has to be on my top 10 tv shows list.

My favorite characters from this show are Dwayne Wayne and Whitley Gilbert, the best couple and I am actually (soon) getting a t-shirt made with their photo on it. Yes, I am a fan, a huuuuge fan.

This show takes place at an HBCU, and it talks about real life issues especially during that time. With all the characters in that show, you can find someone to relate to, always.

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This show is new on NBC, but I love it! For those who don’t know…the TITAN show is hosted (possibly created by) Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

I find it to be extremely motivating. It is a competition show, showcasing many strong women and men in the country. So, no, this show has not even been on a complete season, but it has definitely made my list of top tv shows.

This competition show is not only about physical strength, but your mental toughness, endurance, and technique. FREAKING incredible!

This show made me realize I definitely need to hit the gym more and consistently, so I can be my best physically. One of my favorite competitors was Charity; I thought she was amazing!

You guys should honestly check it out.

Golden Girls

“Thank you for being a friend
Traveled down a road and back again
Your heart is true, you’re a pal and a confidant.”

If you don’t know that song or where it’s from, I am TRULY disappointed in you. Golden Girls is a CLASSIC. Three best friends and a mom. This show follows these roommates in their everyday life and the best thing…it makes you realize just because your a senior citizen doesn’t mean your life stops!
These girls lived more exciting lives than me, and I’m 24!!!

My favorite characters are Sophia and Blanche 😂 , but I also love Dorothy and Rose. Ok, you can say my favorite characters are the whole cast, who can choose on this show.

I even have two Golden Girls t-shirts! Of course, this class is on the top 10 tv shows list.

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No, YouTube is not a TV show. However, it is a website that consist of videos and a lot of people watch YouTube sometimes more than TV. I mean, YouTube has it all.

I’m just going to list some of my favorite YouTube channels, and some may shock you:

Jackie Aniya
Patricia Bright
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohan
The Wendy Williams Show

YouTube can be called modern-day tv. Don’t ya think? Either way, it is a part of my top 10 tv shows.


I’ve seen every episode, and I can continuously rewatch this show. It is truly a classic. Favorite characters by far are Joey and Phoebe.

I binged Friends while I was in college and it was one of my favorite shows to watch in my college years. I used to have a Central Perk mug…and I’m still wondering what happened to it?

One thing I always thought about since watching Friends, is how dope would it be to have a group of Friends like Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler, and Joey.

top 10 tv shows

Alright friends!!! I am done with my list; maybe I will do a movie post one day? Hopefully, you all found some new awesome shows to binge!

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So…guys…what are your favorite shows? Drop it down in the comments!

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