I TRIPLED my Email List in 7 Days

What’s up, my Social Boss Babes! I cannot believe it is the end of a decade. WOW so much has changed for me during this year. My last quarter of this year has been my favorite! Not only did I launch my new ebook (Step by Step to Mastering Pinterest), but I INCREASED my email list drastically.

I won’t lie to you about my horrible mindset…I NEVER thought my email list would grow. 

It felt like I was so stagnant FOREVER. Growth seemed impossible. It seemed I was doing everything wrong. Well, until I tripled my email list. 

Okay, Social Boss Babes, I know you are wondering how I accomplished this fantastic tasks, and I am here to tell you these steps to help you elevate your business!


tripled my email list

How to Tripled my Email List:

Social Listening 

Do you know what Social listening is? 

 It “is the process of monitoring digital conversations to understand what customers are saying about a brand and industry online. … It is also used to surface feedback that could help to differentiate their brand, product, or service.” 

Many people feel that they are social listening, but in reality, – are they?

If your business revolves around social media and marketing, YOU must be SOCIAL LISTENING

First, let me explain to you why social listening is vital to the growth of your business:

  1. content creation
  2. brand awareness
  3. learn what your audience wants (needs)
  4. selling opportunities
  5. customer engagement

So do you get why it is essential?

Are you now convinced of the importance of social listening?

This is what I did! I paid attention to what my ideal clients were saying in Facebook Groups and in comments under Instagram posts.

Market Research 

If you follow me on Instagram – you heard me speak of Market Research numerous times! 

I actually do most of my market research on Instagram stories and Facebook Groups. Reasons why THAT’S WHERE MY IDEAL CLIENT IS HANGING OUT.

Before you produce certain content, products, and/or services, you need to see what your audience and ideal clients are wanting. Remember, if they are not responding to your content, WHO ARE YOU SPEAKING TO. 

I conducted market research to make sure that the FREEBIE I was working on was relevant to my targeted audience. I won’t lie; my other freebie was not this successful, but that’s because I did not follow these steps. To be transparent…MY second to last FREEBIE FLOPPED


Remember, I am definitely speaking from experience…

You need to make sure you are genuinely dedicating time to your launch strategy. The goal (most likely) is gifting people value so you can gain their email address – so this is something you should take seriously. 

Focus on prepping your audience about the BIG release date and inform them on WHY they need it in their lives. 

I had a specific launch strategy when I launched my Free Social Marketing Plan, and I can honestly say that was a huge reason for my success! 

Social Boss Babes, I want you to KNOW that by following those steps above, I tripled my email list in ONLY 7 DAYS, and you can too! 

Hard work and dedication, and you will see those subscribers pouring in! 

I believe in you so much! We will start 2020 strong af! 

Let’s Elevate our Business


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