How to Update Older Content on Pinterest

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I think I talk about Pinterest a lot here on the blog and friends; honestly, it’s because it positively affects my blog so much, I have to share! Just the other day, I was checking my Google Analytics and saw that 80% of my blog traffic is referred from Pinterest! WTH, that is freaking amazing. Game changer, right? I think so. Update your Pinterest guys, if you are not using it to help boost your blog traffic, please do it!


Now, I know one of the problems that many have with Pinterest and that I was starting to feel myself, is how the heck do you continuously post the same content (photo). It’s old, and it’s all over your feed. Friends, I am here to explain to you how to update older content on Pinterest. This will be ANOTHER GAME CHANGER!

As many of you know, Pinterest is an incredible traffic driver for your blog. However, it kind of looks spammy when you are always sharing that same photo for your pin, and it is all over your page. Your followers will definitely hate, and it makes your page look spammy, and I can guarantee that you do not want that.

I have recently started a new little trick that is so easy we can all do it, to help share that same blog post, but with different photos.

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Friends, I will explain to you how to update older content on Pinterest.

Do you use Canva or Photoshop? As a blogger, I am quite confident that you do. I mean it is a blogger’s best friend. I use Canva and I LOOOOVE it.

So, here is what you need to do.

Log into Canva and create a new design.

Make another Pinterest size creation, but entirely different from the other one that you created for your blog post. Now, I typically use the same design for each of my blog posts to create an aesthetic and consistency. You can probably say my blog posts signature. I want my readers and followers to know; this is coming from

Now, that I am trying to update my older content, I do not want to have something similar to my previous (main) Pinterest photo, but something different with the same main brand color (that I use).

FOUR THINGS NEW TRAVELERS NEED TO KNOW4 Things New Travelers Need to Know (2)4 Things New Travelers Need to Know (3)

Are you kinda catching my drift now? (I hope that is the proper saying – lol)

I am going to assume that you said yes! PErfect, you created new pinnable images. Definitely choose a new exert out of your blog post to put in the description. Yes, people are totally visual, so your new artwork will capture their attention because it is unfamiliar. However, what if they do read descriptions ( I do!), you don’t want them knowing it is the same post they’ve already shared or glanced over. This is where you switch it up!

Get it? Get the importance? I knew you would 🙂

When you are done creating your awesome new pins, it is time to go on your new best friend (Tailwind) and schedule your post! Now, if you are new here let me give you a quick crash course, and for my current friends, I guess you can skip through this part.


Tailwind is an incredible social media scheduler and by far one of my FAVES (my only fave)! I work a 9-5 Monday through Friday, and I cannot always be on Pinterest, so with Tailwind, I can schedule my pins so that I am pinning throughout the day. It’s like I am always sharing my pins and some of my favorite bloggers!

Another cool thing that Tailwind offers is Tailwind Tribes, and that is basically like Pinterest boards on Tailwind. I love it! So, make sure you are sharing these new pins you created on your Tailwind Tribes as well.

Look at the number of people you can reach…(this is a screen shot a pin I recently posted…not through Pinterest alone)


Awesome, right? Click here for more information about Tailwind!

Friends, we are all wanting to be successful in the blogging world and Pinterest is our key to success. Don’t be spammy, update older content on Pinterest and increase your blog traffic!


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