Video is Important to your Brand and that is why I am FINALLY Starting a Youtube Channel

Hi, my beautiful Social Boss Babes! If this is not your first time visiting one of my platforms then you know that I constantly talk about video being king and how essential video is to your business.

In my Facebook group, I incorporate video training weekly and on my Instagram stories I show up on my stories and throw in some video there as well.

One of my goals in 2020 was to FINALLY create my own Youtube Channel. I’ve honestly wanted my own Youtube channel since high school because I thought that was such a great way to just have a platform to be myself. However, I never knew what to do because I never really saw my industry on the platform.

video is important

Eventually, I grew and started exploring more, and guess what – I saw that it is possible for anyone to create a Youtube Channel on anything and I was so happy.

I kept saying, I need to wait and wait, but then I decided wtf am I waiting for! That makes absolutely no sense. I should just go for what I want and learn along the way.

My first two videos on Youtube, although the content was great, the way it was filmed was not at all. However, the growth that you will see in my upcoming videos is phenomenal and I am excited about it.

People have been asking for me to do more video content and I have been doing more video since 2019 because I understand how video is important to your brand.

I want to show up and make sure I am spreading knowledge to as many people as possible and believe it or not it is so important to have quantity over quality – you’ll even hear Gary Vee say so! 

What to expect from my Youtube Channel: 

  • Business Tips
  • Marketing Tips
  • Social Media Tips

I will be posting once a week on Wednesdays!

And I want to put this out in the world, my short term goals (besides being consistent on the platform) is to get 1,000 subscribers by August 26, 2020 (my birthday)!

video is important

On my channel, I will seriously be niche specific and I will not create/post anything that is not a part of my niche.

I cannot wait for you to check out my Youtube Videos and please support me by subscribing to my channel!


Let’s Elevate your business! 

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